Thursday, October 14, 2004

Visa Pow-err...

With things settling down on the home front, it was time to go get my H1B stamped. The start was the difficult part since I am not really used to being up at 6 AM.... and then getting onto a crowded 84 LTD. with the old man next to me dozing off on my shoulder.

Without a rather eventful journey to Bhulabhai Desai Rd. and standing in the line outside the VFS, the guard tells me I cannot carry my backpack into the center. Bummer! Fortunately he didnt tell me that after an hour of standing in the line. So after dropping off my bag at Mamas place at Marine Drive, I am back in the line. Weird concept, they make you stand outside on the road for about an hour after given you a token. Then they take you inside some room, make you sit there for another hour (reminds you of the Gas Chambers). Then you find yourself back on the road for a while. After that you get frisked (which the security guy kinda seemed to enjoy) and are thrown into another room. Few more hours there and then another room which looks like a VFS center (finally). Effectively I found myself doing nothing from 10 AM to 4 PM. All this, just to get a Visa date. And the chic who sat next to me in the room.... lesser said the better.... all I asked her was "Hoz it going?" and she looked at me as if I had asked her to marry me... 4 hours of silence and meditation followed.

Anyways, I finally have the Visa interview date (26th) and most of the gang is already praying I get the visa and leave India ASAP!

Farro's Gabbana posters seem to be making rounds of the city... I was standing under one of them when in line.

Anyone into Milkshakes, I recommend the Rocky Road at Cafe Mocha - add a few extra marshmallows to it.

I finally had the opportunity to travel rush hour in the local trains. Figured out an interesting relationship which I will put up in my Software Testing blog ( yeah... trains and software testing... look out for it!


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