Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I wish I could Fly

Its been an entertaining weekend. Met up with some old school friends Friday Night at Pop Tates. Saturday night was the regular drinks session on T-Top followed by a drive to town after midnight. Its amazing how the most crowded roads are so damn empty at night... home to town in almost half an hour or less. Now only if this could be done in rush hour!

The highlight of the day was Sunday. The Indian Air Force was at its best. They had an airshow exhibition by the sea face downtown and it rocked all the way! Frankly, it was no different than the one I had seen a few years ago, but each time you see the Sukhoi you feel like you wanna own one. Its amazing... and it has me wondering how much testing would one have to put into a fighter aircraft!

I shall put up some photos soon!

Hanging around town is always fun, but I wouldnt recommend eating at this Chinese joint called Kamling (or was it Kam-Ying?) next to Churchgate. Far too expensive and more importantly, the food is not worth it!!

The day ended watching Gurinder Chaddha's "Bride & Prejudice" at Metro. The movie didnt impress me too much. One could expect much more from a lady who introduced Keira Knightley to the big screen and made flicks like "Bend It Like Beckham". Nevertheless, its worth a dekkho if you have nothing better to do. What I could conclude from public reaction was the women enjoyed watching Martin Henderson. Personal opinion: This actor by the name Nitin (forgot last name) called Mr. Kohli in the movie takes the cake. He was hilarious.... !!

Statement of the week: Goes to Dada (Deven) for his reply when we wondered about the new family shifting into ground floor apartment. "They are Punjabi's since their furniture is shaped like North Indians." He was a few pegs down at that stage.

Movie Recommendation: Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. Its interesting and Hilarious (but then, only if you have not been following American stuff on CNN religiously).


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