Friday, October 22, 2004


Probably the way this blog is going I need to change its name to something related to movies... but u cant blame me... I have nothing better to do in life right now... so "vella" in life that if my neighbour calls me for grocery shopping I'll go along willingly and that would be high grade entertainment... what has life come to?

Just retured from this movie called "Flavors". Absolutely rocking movie... unfortunately not well publicised but absolutely amazing... and I could so much identify with the characters in the movie. American Desi - Hyderabad Blues type of movie, but done really well... rocking sceenplay... amazing storyline.... a must see!

Today also happened to be Dassera.... a celebration of victory over evil. Also the last day of "Dandiya-Raas" or Navratri which is like a major dance festival which lasts over 9 days. Thats the easiest way I could have explained it but its much more complicated than it sounds.... for those in USA, goto Newark AVe in Jersey City to experience it live.... or some ISA organized festival show in almost any University which ultimately ends with everyone doing "Bhangda".

Observed: Any Indian dance party in USA finally converts into a Garba or a Bhangda session.

Why do I feel scared to experiment at Yokos and always stick to the Chicken Satellite and Peach Iced Tea?

Saturday nite will be another alcoholic day out.... hmmm... nite out! Nothing beats T-Top... the stars above you, the wind blowing into your face and a chilled drink. I already have a cocktail named "Joshi kaa Josh" (thanks Alap for coming up with that name). Lets see if I can expand my horizons tomorrow! Actually I could take up full time bartending very soon....

"Alcohol Breeds Philosophers" - Flavors.

I better get my act together before I start dishing out some philosophy without getting drunk (as if this blog is not bad enough).


Blogger Sonia said...

Flavors is an AMAzing movie! Loved it! I agree, it should have been better publicised.

February 25, 2006 7:33 AM  

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