Saturday, October 30, 2004

Got the H1B!!

And finally its here. The stamping process is done... over n out! And I must say it was quick, stand in the line outside the cousulate for 10 mins and one you are in, its all done in another 15 mins. No more huge lines (unlike the VFS story). The hilarious part was the girl I had mentioned in my previous post for Visa Pow-err, te who who looked at me as if I had asked her to marry me... she ends up standing right behind me as I entered the counsulate... right behind me as I stood to be fingerprinted... once again, conversations were kept to a bare minimum. For those who are inquisitive about the interview, nothing much to it, normal Q&A session. Smile all the way!! This one chap who I met outside the counsulate was asked as to what was the difference between JAVA and C++. "H1B interviews get technical!!"

Anyways, its here and am gonna be off maybe around the 8th of Nov. or after Diwali. Lets see... depends on a few things coming up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say you go now, so that the temptation of hitting you for writing such blogs , whenever i meet you is'nt there.


November 01, 2004 12:46 AM  

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