Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mental Inside

Just got this mail from Dad. Its just 4 lines which say:

Lot of Indians are now employed at Intel. So the latest joke is:

Quoting Chidanand Rajghatta:

" Intel outside
Patel inside "

Just for those who aint that acquainted with the Indian tradition of last names, Patel is the most common last name you would find for Indians in USA. Actually if you see a huge group of Indians heading your way and you say - "Hey Patel", at least a couple of them will look your way and say Hello!

When I was in India last year I picked up this cool shirt which has the Intel logo (you know that customary circle with "Intel Inside"). The only change in the logo on my shirt is it says "Mental Inside". waiting for an appropriate day to wear it to work!


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