Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Emotional = Gets Drunk Faster

My new roomie is funny! He got his Canadian visitors visa today and was all excited about it and says we got to celebrate. Ok... I am not complaining. The only problem being this celebration idea struck him at 9 PM. He sheepishly asks me if I drink? Eh... doesnt it show on my face? So out of nowhere he gets out this huge bottle of Bacardi... There was a bottle (that too huge) of Bacardi in my house that I was not aware of???!!!

The good (or bad) part about him is he gets drunk on one glass. So when he had two glasses, I knew I was up for some fun conversation. An anecdote which I heard today (Note: I did not say it, I heard it!) follows:

"The more emotional you are, the more easy it is for you to get drunk! A very emotional guy gets drunk in one shot, not so emotional people take in a lot of liquor"

So all of you who wonder as to why you keep drinking and drinking without any effect (except the one on your liver which you will notice later), start getting emotional!

A couple of weeks back, I went to this Asian store. I can bet anything on this, but you will never have seen so many Asians together at one place (unless you are in Asia). Hardly any Indians, but millions of Chinese & Japanese. You dont wanna act smart in a place like this, considering the fact that 9/10 of the people would know Kung-Fu. An advantage of that store was I got some good fresh Promfret. In the USA, its called Butterfish. Doesn't matter as long as it tastes the same!

Whenever I start typing up an interesting story, Bird comes online and messages me to go off to sleep. Now that kinda reminds me that I could do with some sleep.... thanks Bird!


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