Thursday, February 24, 2005

Safety first

Today we had a "New Hire" safety orientation. It involved a highly friendly person by the name of Fred talking about the various hazards and preventive measures. How to deal with fires (actually how to run away from fires), weather warnings, chemical spillage etc etc. An interesting part is in case of an evacuation we need to assemble in front of the building to an assigned group and head counts are taken to make sure no one is stuck inside.

Now we happen to have 2 huge buildings on campus and being the inquisitive pain in the butt, I had to ask one too many questions. What if both building alarms go off and I happen to be visiting the other building at that time? Do I have to get across all the way to the group gathering spot outside my building? Initially everyone found that to be an interesting question. It seems I am supposed to stand in the visitor group of the building I am visiting. OK. But then, how would my group know that I was safe, and not stuck in the building? I kinda tried to go on and find a flaw in the system. All groups have assigned spots of gathering, but what if the building is on fire and the wind blows in the direction we happen to stand? By this time I saw 3 people in the room yawn. I finally shut up when the person sitting next to me had a growling sound come out of his stomach.

Some of the guidance given out was highly impossible to follow. Like, when evacuating, dont make any noise. Dont talk. Heck... everyone knows thats not possible!!! At least all the women on my team know its not possible.

Some advice from experience: Dont ask questions when it gets close to lunch. People give you angry stares!!


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