Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Know Your Contents

An example of why its important to be knowledgable in your field else you lose out on the most amazing opportunities. This was told to me by Nishchal who in turn heard it from his MBA professor (called Mr. Vispi).

"A priest was driving in his car when this cute looking girl asks him for a lift. The good man that he is, he doesnt say no. So the priest and the girl are in the car, driving away when a light breeze lifts the girls skirt by a little. The priest cant help but look and his hand starts moving closer to the skirt, when the girls says "SAM 2:34" (ok, I am not sure about this but its something to do with some words from the bible). The priest feels all guilty and continues to drive keeping his hands to himself. Another gust of wind and the skirt goes higher up. Now the priest is very tempted and moves his hands closer to the skirt. Once again the girl shouts, "SAM 2:34". After a while the skirt goes higher up (yes, its the wind again) and the priest can see a lot of things... he touches the girl near the exposed part of her thighs and she screams "SAM 2:34". The priest is all embarassed and just concentrates on his driving and drops her off. Then he speeds home and opens the bible to read SAM 2:34. Its states, "In life, move higher up to attain glory."

Bottom line, know your contents well... or miss out on opportunities.


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