Sunday, February 06, 2005

Weekend Round-Up

As I write this the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles at SuperBowl - XXXIX. I hope the Eagles win since their quarterback (Donovan Mc'Naab) is an ex-Syracuse and then again, I have lived close to Philly. The Patriots are the favorites tho'. Frankly, I dont care!!

To round it up its been a tough week with all work and no play (which means I have probably gained all the weight I had lost). I had always wondered why Google offered free food and that too different cuisines. The whole idea is if your employees dont leave work to grab lunch, eat in, they spend less time at eating and more time at work! Why they allow dogs on campus is still a puzzle. Stress busters I guess. But now I understand "Give your employees free food" funda specially when I have been eating in at my desk all this week! I wonder if they have people who would actually bring up food to an employees desk? Room-service, oops... I meant desk-service. In fact, someone who feeds them as they keep punching out code. Maybe I should shoot out an e-mail to Larry Page.

So I built this cool table and chair over the weekend. Here is what I like about America. If you are willing to put in some time and effort, you can get good things cheap!

Happened to speak to Abbs and there is a good chance he might be in USA sometime soon. All he needs is a visa. Hope to have a Nanguys dinner once he lands here. Take him around a bit.

My new look had my roomie laughing for half an hour. My aunt says that my family+cousins is having a meet-up coming Sunday hence to put up some more snaps for them to have a good laugh. Keep checking my MoBlog for more...!

Update: The Patriots won. It was close 24-21.


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