Monday, February 14, 2005

More Nanguys on the Blog(k)

Abbs has started blogging..... again. He was off the scene (okay, he was never really into it) since September or so. But now he is back and back with a vengeance! He is one person whose writings I like to read. Abbs, I'd rather read your orginal posts tho' than read some stuff which you copy-paste from the web (at times) & give credit to the source at the end. Why not just point a link to the article? Agreed each one has his own style, but Abbs originals are such a treat that the other copy paste's spoil the fun! Abbs could be a great blogger.... I'll always support him to keep blogging! If you visit his blog, dont forget to check out his link for the Ryze Network.... I need to join that myself, hopefully someday he'll publish my article. ;-)

Other guy, who I dread to mention is Bird! Yeah, he is been blogging since a while and has been regularly irregular, but thats Bird. Again, his writing style puts mine to shame (which is the reason I dont want to link to him). But his motto is "I will blog when I feel like it, not because I have a blog."

Good to see some Nanguys up and blogging.... slowly and steadily, we'll rock the web! In case you missed it, I have linked their names to their blogs.


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