Tuesday, March 08, 2005

911... finally!

It finally happened! Finally I dialled 911! I had always wondered what happens when you dial 911 and had heard different stories from different people. But firstly, why did I dial 911? No, I was not assualted and NO, I did not get drunk and forget where I live. As I walked up to my car Monday night I realised the dumpster was on fire. Not a small fire this... huge one. Enough to roast a few humans. Fortunately the dumpster is in one lone corner of the parking lot so the fire would not spread but if the flames got any higher.... there were trees!

Anyways, calling 911 is really simple. All you do is dial 911! Heh!

Someone at the other end notes down your problem, your name, address and telephone number you are calling from. In less than 2 minutes the fire brigade (I still love calling them fire brigade) turns up.

I also hear you are charged a little extra for calling 911? I'll let you know when I get my phone bill!


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