Monday, November 08, 2004

Brandy & Kulfi

So its finally official that Bush would preside for the next 4 years. And he started his reign off with a bang saying on CNN which went as "May Yasser Arafat's soul rest in peace". Of course, you need to know that Arafat is not dead (as of 7th Nov). So apart from some bold political actions, its time for another 4 years of such statements.

The good news is that Mom had a check up done and the docs say everything ALMOST seems to be back to normal. Now, such news is definitely worth a celebration and Dilip Joshi did celebrate it in style with few close friends and family. An ideal warm up to Diwali. The highlight of the evening was the different types of liquors flowing... starting off with some wine, moving on to scotch and ending it with some brandy & kulfi, which was the interesting part. For those who are not aware about what a kulfi is... call it a rich creamy ice-cream stick. For further details, kindly look up google.

So someone comes up with this brilliant idea (was it me?) which goes like, "Have Kulfi with Brandy". All the gents were probably a little drunk and voted for the idea while the women opposed it. Nevertheless, my cousin sis Nandana was sweet enough to hold every kulfi and make holes into it with a toothpick and then pour the Liqueur in. I didnt really try it but people loved it... which has me convinced to start a "Brandy-Iced-Gola" joint in USA. Anyone upto financing this idea into reality? Anyways, that was the end of another beautiful day...

I said another since the night before was Abbs birthday bash... which like always was rocking. First we found ourselves in Bandra at this pub called Boat Club. Now I have no clue why it was called that... decent beats expensive drinks but everyone loved "Jack The Ripper" which is Jack Daniels mixed with Red Bull and other voodoo stuff. When the drinks got to us it seems I did a lousy imitation of how Rajesh Khanna would dance to "The way you make me feel". It was followed by food at Marine Plaza and Bird insisting that Nandanvan should get capsule lifts. The highlight of the evening was Abbs gift... a lipstick stained white XL size Jockey....

Neela Auntie and family are finally in Mumbai after a nightmare of a flight. More reasons why KLM-Northwest is avoidable. We were perpetually at the airport all of Friday night to Saturday morning trying to get their luggage and it kept coming in installments. One piece is still missing. Sucky!! I recommend the breakfast at JW tho' and also their disc - Enigma! Hope Mickeys reception in Delhi is rocking!!

Anyone who meets Bakshi on 9th, dont forget to wish him. He turns 24.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apoo i will finance your brandy + kulfi business but i want 50% partnership, plus i'll sell tequila shots on the handcart alongside your kulfi, is it a deal?


PS I want capsule lifts with transparent floor for Nandanvan.

November 08, 2004 11:56 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

Bird, not a bad idea. Tequila shots on a handcart. Lets float the company and then go public after a while :-)

November 09, 2004 2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its time you return to US. Apparently you have nothing better to do in India. Hopefully you'll come back and get busy and stop educating people on different ways of getting drunk. Altho' Brandy with ice-cream sounds like a novel idea.


November 09, 2004 3:07 PM  

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