Thursday, December 09, 2004

"Donate" Some "Soogar" on Me!

There is this story which happened a while back when I was at Dunkin Donuts and the Indian (Gujarati) woman working there asked me if I wanted some extra "Soogar" (sugar for the normal). And when i said regular "Soogar" she asked if I was a Gujarati. Hmmm...

Anyways, right next to my health club is a Dunkin Donuts (how very convenient to gain the fat u try hard to shed). Its owned by an Indian family who on the whole are pretty friendly. I probably visit it once a month and the lady at the counter always asks me the same questions... family background, place of origin, if my uncles wife's great grandfathers cousin had a cat etc. etc.

Today I decided to indulge in some hazelnut Coffee after my workout and walked into Dunkins. The same lady was there to take my order and she looks at me, smiles and says "Kem Chho?" (Gujarati for How are you?). By this time I have accepted the fact that I look Gujju... and reply back in Gujju saying I am doing good and ask how she is been doing? Also, I am surprised that she remembers me and has not yet started checking on my family tree. She asks if I want "Extra Soogar" in my coffee and I politely refuse. Mind you, all this conversation (and what follows) is in Gujju.

Then she looks at me and asks, "Howz Alpesh?". Eh..? "Aint You Alpesh's brother?" No!! "Oh, then who are you?" Apoorva. "Where are you from?"

Here we go again.... I have been missing this conversation so much!! At the end of the conversation I concluded my Gujarati has improved!

The time finally came to pay up and scramble out of there when she says, "You dont want anything else? No 'Donate'?" I assume it was Donut. But no lady, no donut and I am a poor man, so nothing to Donate either.

I pay my $ 1.15 and run out without any donations!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason she checks on your family tree is she probably has a daughter who she plans to get married off to you.

Did she ask you if you have a job and how much you earn? If yes, expect her to introduce you to her daughter the next time round...

- Arpi

December 11, 2004 1:08 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

Hmmm... U got pretty close. She did ask where I worked... but I dont think she has a daughter. If she does... well, free "Soogar" and "Donate" at my wedding!!

- Apoo

December 11, 2004 11:07 PM  
Anonymous brad said...

Fuck man, he he heh...I would have never caught that 'donate'!!!

January 05, 2006 1:56 PM  
Blogger Neetal Mistry said...

Dear Apoo Dude,

Stumbled upon your blog, while doing my paper... and to be honest I enjoyed reading your posts more than finishing my paper, they are really funny...!!!

However I just don't really appreciate you targeting specific community. More specifically GUJARATI. Its okay to be funny, but its bit annoying to be A Dork.

Come on, the lady was being nice to you. May be she just don't know what to talk and she is being nice to you because you are an Indian.

I know at times people do make a fool out of themselves.. but you live and you learn. She must be an Auntie who is working hard and her best to run her business and take care of her family...

And for the "Gujarati Accent" that was rude! I mean.. from your posted tiny picture and with a name Apoo! I could assume you to be some "Aaayai Yo" South Indian, who is so much a look alike of "Apoo" (From the Simpsons), who probably attaches "h" to every possible name... and must spit spraying everytime you say THA, instead of TA... and must be an annoying piece of ASS-TRAY.. to think of.

Anyways, All I want to say is be little nice please :) It doesn't hurt! It can't be that hard as it seems! At least you won't offend anyone.

I am sorry if I went overboard with my Pravachan! It would be nice if you are more mindful to be nice ! To be nice to Gujaratis :)

Thanks! & Aavjo!

September 08, 2007 10:06 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

#Neetal: Thanks for your comment. I come from a Gujarati background myself. Also, there is no intention to target a specific community. I just write what I see, and if USA was dominated by south Indians going THA, I would write about that.
Also, it would help if you took what you read on my blog with a pinch of salt.

September 08, 2007 11:11 PM  

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