Sunday, December 05, 2004

Saturday Nite Entertainment

This was my third Saturday since I got back and to say the least, the last 2 have not been too entertaining. The first one went in overcoming my jet-lag. The second was Thanksgiving weekend and everyone was outta town except this one loser I know, which happens to be me!

There is a saying which goes vaguely like, or has the same meaning as, "Search your own backyard before you search others". Holds so vey true. First hand experience here. Been searching around the city for a hang out spot which would be to my flavor. Now, there is no dearth of nightspots in a city which was the former corporate capital of USA and frankly the riverfront has an amazing open air bar (Kahunaville), while the regulars like Hooters, Chilli's, TGIF's, Bertucci's, Champps etc are always withing 5 miles drive. But none of these places seem to have the right kinda atmosphere (for me). Either its too crowded or its too routine/music sucks etc. Its good, but you dont attain nirvana... you know what I mean!

Walk exactly 3 mins from my place and there is this small strip which has a Grocery store, Laundromat, Chinese Food stall and a few other things like a liquor shop etc. Along with them exists a Bar called Pepi's. Looks like a small place from outside and I had never thought of checking it out. I had a change of thought today and ventured in. And viola! Few minutes in there and I was in love with the place. Its got this all wooden look to it, a bar in the center and dining tables around. Lots of space. Not crowded but not empty. They had a Karaoke night happening and it was rocking, altho I didnt know most of the songs being sung, but the elder people sang some country music while the younger lot had some rock n R&B. Good blend. Very down to earth place where everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. So Pepi's it is!!

Conclusion: Search Your Own Backyard before you search others!


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