Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy Diwali

So after 3 years of missing it, I finally got to celebrate Diwali in good old Mumbai. We were on the terrace top at about 3 AM and the city was engulfed in a cloud of smoke (whcih just refused to rise). Pollution levels must be the worst in these few days. The whole charm of drawing Rangoli, lighting Diyas and making different shape "Kandeels" is gone... Noisy fire crackers... flashy disco lights etc. have taken over. Despite the smoke, despite the noise and the unbearable heat which Mumbai has been subjected to due to the pollution, Diwali still remains Diwali. Sweets are still exchanged... some of the verandahs of Nandanvan still have rangoli and some corner still hangs one of those nostalgic kandeels outside their window. Diwali was a blast.

Now here are a few reasons why Nandanvan is become sucky:
  • You cant play cricket anymore since the people on the ground floor have complained. Also heard that few other people complained so that their grandchildren get to ride tricycles without the fear of being hit by a cricket ball.
  • You cant burst crackers in the front area since few people complain that thier little kids get disturbed... (I would like to see if this same kid grows up and asks for crackers).
  • You cant burst crackers on the terrace because the people who live one floor below get disturbed. To quote the lady who complained, "You wont understand it till you experience it".

So here is what we did this Diwali:

  • Played cricket in Nandanvan. No complaints till now.
  • Burst crackers in the front. If families shouted out complaints, we couldn't hear them in the noise of the crackers.
  • Burst crackers on the terrace (courtesy Tak). Yes lady, we expereinced how you felt. Our situation was probably worse than yours since we stood a few meters from the phatakas. And to be very frank with you... rockets burst about 50 meters or so in the air, so it really should make no difference to you!!

Call us rebels! We dont care. But you cant stop cricket just because you are too old to play cricket and your grandsons are too young to play cricket!! Politics everywhere.

Ok, enough rants!

I hope all of you had a great Diwali. And here is wishing everyone a great time ahead!

Of course, we started our Naya Saal with a huge Dhamakaa... where 4 of us realised that we have been locked on the terrace by the watchman. And 2:30 AM is not the ideal time to call out to him. And it really wouldn't make a difference since he was sound asleep (and then people would have made a fuss that we shout from the terrace and they and their grandchildren cant sleep).

And of course... a few parties were thrown & attended... but no Brandy was Mixed with Kulfi... although we had a mixture of stewed Fig, Brandy & Vanilla ice-cream! Rocked! To top it off, it was flambeau (hope I spelt that right?).

Some kids were playing with fire and one of the rockets made it to my place.... I love Diwali!!


Blogger Bird said...

I wish to protest about Nandanvan being sucky, its not, & my following 3 reasons:
1. In Kowloon a game of univesity cricket was stopped coz the batsmen kept on hitting sixes which landed out of the stadium & had hit a couple of cars on the road outside & also had hurt people on the tennis courts adjoining the stadium. So cricket has been accepted as a dangerous sport for spectators & others.

2. I dont know about the kids but i get disturbed by fire crackers, it just could be me who had complained so i think you should be careful on what cribs you post.

3. I know its ridiculous, but can you identify the lady who made that quote: "you wont understand it till you experience it". I want to experience "it", to understand "it" .

Plus i've got reports from reliable sources that the streaker on the gr.floor is instigating kids to play cricket just so that he can have a good debate on the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1961 & its Bye-Laws. be prepared.

November 15, 2004 7:50 AM  

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