Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Just Another Day...

Things are pretty slow these days. To make it worst, the sun sets about 4 PM and its pitch dark by about 5. If there is cloud cover, you dont even feel that the sun was up. And its cold!! Things are as routine as they can be, I sleep every night thinking I am gonna get up early and visit the gym. Like always, I dont!! So the routine of indulging in fat reducing exercises continues in the evening with Ram and Jugs for company. Of course, I see no difference in my weight... but then, Rome wasnt built in a day. Till then I use this dialogue which Vrinda (my cousin sis) had told me - "At the moment I am perfect for my weight". When that gets too boring, I have sentences like "Round is a shape, hence, I am in shape!"

So most of the gang is headed to India this December, either to get married/engaged or partner looking. Some are going just for a break. Found this article on ToI today, which went on about how people in USA are duping Indian girls, getting married to them and when they get here the girls realise its to what the guy had mentioned it to be, leading them to suicide. So now some organization is keeping track of all the Indians in USA (through some spy network) so as to provide the right information. Sounds like an interesting job (the spy thing). I wonder if there are any openings. Lastly, are they keeping a tab on the guys, or also on the girls? And who verifies the authenticity of the people who verify our authenticity?

Its been raining today (its nice that my car gets a free car wash), but it just makes the surroundings more cold and yucky! Also high speed winds (about 50 MPH) seem to have caused problems in few places. Now, am I glad I didnt have to drive more then 2 miles today. Also saw this disturbing (but fantastic) movie - Final Destination 2. Its gonna keep the geek in me awake all night thinking about the different aspects of the movie.... I shouldnt.... I should be asleep by now, since I have to get up early and goto the gym!!


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