Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Fries & Large Sprite for $1.59

Interesting scenario I came across few days back. Was too bored to cook, so Ram, Jugs and me decide to head for dinner to Panera. We reach 5 minutes before they close and they didnt have Jugs & my favorite sandwiches, so we decide to try Quiznoes and as luck would have it, they were closed too. Why does everyone wrap up by 9 PM? So finally we decide to head back to Taco Bell (right next to my place). All that driving for nothing!! But Ram insists he wants fries, so we go thru a drive thru of Mc'Donalds enroute to Taco. And my simple order to the person there was, "One Large Fries." And his reply was "$1.59".

So I drive around to pick up my order, pay him through the little window (the chap happens to be an Indian too and kinda knows me due to my frequent visits) and he hands me over this huge drink. Then he notices the puzzled look on my face and says, "One large Sprite right?" n I was like, "Fries". So he smiles and says thats gonna cost a little more and gets me the fries and then says dont worry about the extra money. So I insist I want to pay, and he refuses to accept the money. Oh well, okay, I say the customary thank you and am almost in the mode to drive off when he says, "Here, take the Sprite too." When I say I really dont want it, he insists I take it and its for free. Rams already grabbed the Sprite by then and the three of us drive off with a huge fries and a huge Sprite for $1.59. Not a bad deal at all.

Ram gets a brainwave after a while which goes like, always go into the drive thru, ask for a Large Sprite, at the window say it was large Fries and drive off with both for $1.59
Hmmmm.... smartass!

By the way, I dont plan to do that.... so no hate mail please!


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