Saturday, December 18, 2004

RSS.... biased?

I was watching Discovery a few days ago and they had this whole thing going on about India. Right from how advanced Banglore is, but drive 100 miles out of Bangalore and you are 100 years behind. Good program. They also did this little bit about Indian traditions and interviewed some RSS leaders (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh - not to be mistaken with the RSS of the tech. world).

There was a time when I had seen this big protest by RSS against Valentines day and thought that it completely sucked and never paid much attention to them anyways (ok, I admit I was single then and the sadist in me enjoyed it). So when this topic came up in the interview, the RSS leader says they are not against love. they feel love is an integral part of life and it should be expressed everyday and not only on Valentines day. Make everyday a Valentines day. They are against all these marketting gimmicks and the other blah blah blahs which come with Valentines day.

Wow! For a while my opinion about the RSS changed. "Make everyday a Valentines day". The genX will love ya. Then the critic in me took over and I started thinking. Why do we have Rakshabandhan for just one day? Why do we celebrate Teachers day for one day? Why do we celebrate Childrens day for one day? Why doesnt the RSS oppose that? Or is RSS only opposing westernization of the Indian culture? Why dont they ban cigarettes? I prefer a ban on cigarettes than a ban on Valentines day.

On a lighter note, Bird looks like someone who could lead the RSS. Maybe he could try explaining!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i cant comment on why some people or groups of people hate particular days when all the days suck. And a warning, stop your nonsense talk of banning cigarettes my, life is miserable as it is.


December 21, 2004 12:42 AM  

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