Saturday, January 15, 2005

All Work & No Play...

All work and no play, now I can justify being dumb!

So finally I have moved and finally I have started working! The first week was kinda slow, where you are just expected to get used to the directory structure and provide some inputs. The good part about this company is there is a lot of room for suggestions (and ideas), specially in my department since its only about a year old. Now there is no gaurantee these ideas will materialize, but the CEO says they are welcome. We have weekly group reviews, monthly divisional reviews and a talk by the CEO (who looks like Bill Clinton, talks with a little Brit accent and mistook me for someone and waved across the hall). He was pretty cool in laying out the facts letting us know we met only 37% of the company goals for 2004.

Apart from that, I am waiting for the month end when we move into a bigger apartment. Right now its kinda cramped, but manageable. My roomies girlfriend happens to be from Poland, with an accent just like Tom Hanks in "The Terminal". Its fun listening to her.

Got a surprise call from Bakshi during the day. The whole Nanguys were at his place. It seems he has converted our kiddie time videos into VCD's and everyone was over watching our past, when slinging mud balls on each other was a daily thing! Got to talk with the whole lot (minus Tak and Mask). Good News is Tak cleared his final Chartered Accountant (CA) exams few days ago. At the age of 23, I wonder if he stands contender for the youngest CA ever?

Also coming true is another prediction I had made, and its getting me all excited up. I just have to wait till the news is confirmed and I'll let the cat out of the bag!

Its easier to write about everyday activities than post after 2 weeks. I finally got hooked up to the net few hours back and so comes this update. I know u guys get anxious for my posts.... ok ok... stop!

Anyone see Janani on 18th, dont forget to wish her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who/What/Where are the Nanguys?


January 15, 2005 1:20 AM  

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