Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hail Nanguys!

Nanguys... who are we?

My last post had Arpita Kaneria ask "Who/What/Where are the Nanguys?"

Interesting question. Even more interesting answer follows.

Before I put down my perspective, I would like to quote a brilliant piece from Bird. This is his definition for Nanguys. Its verbatim, except for a few words which I have edited (many people read this blog and some personal references had to be removed). Anything in italics has been added by me.

Bird says:

Tough question, but as far as i can remember Nanguys is a cult/group formed to create & protect the weird & absurd things on earth (as was said out in the open by our late Mr.D'souza when he shouted out at them to play some sensible games). It is assumed that the name of the group has been derived from the location of this cults birthplace or it may be that the person chosen to give a name to this group (Bird refers to me, as in Apoorva Joshi) was too short on time (or frustrated with his bald spot) & used the roti that he was eating as an inspiration. The number of members of this group is top secret & it seems even the nanguys themselves are not aware of the exact number (the information being on need to know basis)

Although the Nanguys have always strived to protect the true aim/goal of this mystical cult from the society, the actions around every member of this cult almost reveals the purpose,eg. the mysterious shower of water balloons onto shoppers'stop or the breaking of water tank pipes etc.

The anthem for this cult was created by the "tall one"but it was found to be absurd by the cult the very next year (but what else can be expected from a sincere member of this cult than total absurdity).

As a matter of fact since this groups rituals (like dancing around a person changing a bulb or staying in a locked room with a wild monkey - yes this actually happened) were taped & may have been leaked to the general population such rituals have been completely stopped, even the members have been asked to go & settle in other countries to avoid being spotted together. The indian chapter of the cult is now managed by a 4-5 members with the one of the members settled abroad coming in for a month in a year(in rotation so as not to hamper the activities of the group abroad) to be retrained in latest technologies & to report on their progress &activities in their host countries.

More can be said but it wouldnt be the same as experiencing it when you are around any of the members, (from an adrenaline rush to extreme boredom) although there is no hope of joining this group at this stage.

I would've loved to write more but my office pays me only so much salary.

The Changed Nanguy (aka Bird)
(98928 XXXXX)

P.S. This phone number may only be used if any girl coming accross this piece of information wants to know more about this secretive group over a weekend picnic.

That was Bird, and any girl interested in a weekend picnic, feel free to contact me for his phone number.

I dont think anyone could have summed it up better (maybe Abbs - but he is too lazy to type).

Last but not the least, I would say Nanguys are a group which stick together through thick and thin. For those still confused, in Mumbai my apartment complex is called Nandanvan. Lived there for 22 years and there were another 10-12 guys like me who lived there (and continue living there) for 22 years. So we know each other from that age where we had no control over our urinary bladder. When I left for Uncle Sams land a yahoogroup was created under the name of nanguys (dont try to join it, membership is restricted! Also dont ask me why that name, I dont know what I was thinking All guys from Nandanvan, so Nanguys!!).

One of the interesting characteristics of the nanguys is each one of has at least one weird nick name. I had set up a whole site on this about a year back, but it went down after I got out of school. I'll take this as an opportunity to get some pics up of almost all the nanguys (here I would like to remind you of what Bird said, the exact number is not known).

I'll try to keep this alphabetical.

Abbs, The tall one. Brainy geek with amazing sleeping patterns. Is a repository of e-resource and the first nanguy to float a company. He made us proud by believing in his dreams! ( (Known to the ordinary as Abhijit Kunder)

Anna. Southern symbol. Mysterious profession. Silent one amongst us. (Known to the ordinary as Siddharth Anbalahan)

Bakshi. Calls himself the "Sporty Nanguy". (Known to the ordinary as Aditya Bakshi)

Beamer. Also called Dada (Known to the ordinary as Deven Hattangadi)

Bird. Nicotine lover. Bhiku Mhatre type. (Known to the ordinary as Priyadarshan Nadkarni)

Farro. Our model! Made the Nanguys proud by bagging the first runner up position in Gladrags and
representing India for Mr. World. More on him later! Girls, salivating on your keyboard is not good - (Known to the ordinary as Ganesh V)

Mask. The next probable guy to make the Nanguys proud. Hugely into animation and we are hoping he makes it big. Also, could be the first Nanguy to get married! ;-) (Known to the ordinary as Siddharth Maskeri)

Pals. The all time cartoon & rebel Gujju. (Known to the ordinary as Paryul Mehta)

Popeye. The Nanguys "Bali kaa Bakraa". Always had conversations with Mr. D'Souza when windows broke. (Known to the ordinary as Apoorva Joshi)

Tak. New addition to the group (about 4 years or so). Did the Nanguys proud by clearing his CA exams in first attempt (by the age of 23). Religious Gujju. Currently open to marriage proposals! (Known to the ordinary as Rushabh Ghia).

Contenders (in queue to join the Nanguys): Sthalu (Amit Sthalekar), Umm (Neelotpal Kundu).To be added to this list, kindly mail me with the weirdest thing(s) you have done. After a round table discussion (video conference), a joint decision would be taken! You would be subjected to a drug test and background screening.

I was about to post some pictures, but blogger is all messed up. Every pic is a post by itself. I wonder how to include multiple pics in one post. Anyone?

PS: Abbs, Farro and Mask, kindly send in cash for increasing your page ranks in Google!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually appoo, we've stuck through the "thin" & the "thick". After watching the videos the other day, the waist size somehow seems directly proportional to the age. And whatever adit may say it applies to him too.


January 19, 2005 2:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

since i would fail any drug test and consequently get horribly lost when seated in a table without edges i withdraw my application.


October 10, 2005 5:13 AM  

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