Saturday, January 22, 2005

Warm Thoughts...

And so it finally snows.... I mean, it did snow around 21st Dec a wee bit, but this one is a steady downpour. My car is a white mass of coldness and I have my fingers crossed that it was built for sub zero temperatures!

One of the beautiful things which I might have missed out in Bombay is the snow. When those tiny snow flakes fall in a regular pattern, its the most beautiful sight to watch (from the confines of a warm home). The process of cement being covered by a white blanket is amazing! The problem starts when the snow settles down and it gets even more cold and slowly this snow turns into ice. Snow is like a small puppy brought to a new house. Once the puppy gets familiarized with its environment, it gets more notorious. So is it with snow. Once it settles down and finds favourable conditions, it turns into ice and that leads to one slipping over the other!

Snow is beautiful... ice is dangerous!

Found this rather nice site (thanks to Scoble) where you can post pics + videos straight off from your phone in real time... its called textamerica. You could check one of the pics I got up right now by clicking here (remember its taken off my cameraphone so it might not be as clear as you want it to be - personally, I dont think its too bad!). The photo is that taken almost a year ago when it had snowed just like today (only today is worse). I had my fingers crossed when I was driving then! This weekend... I am sitting home and staying warm. Glad I stocked up on my groceries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have your fingers crossed when u r driving and you manage to click a foto also?

Next time just keep your hands on the steering wheel.

- AK

January 23, 2005 1:26 PM  

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