Saturday, January 29, 2005


This is been a particularly busy week. Probably for the first time in my life I had a project deadline which got pre-poned (yeah, pre-poned by 3 weeks). And being just 3 weeks old in the company did not particularly help! Putting in extra hours is never a problem, but even when after all that work the deadline does not look reachable, it is a problem. The issue here is my part of the work starts only when someone else finishes a certain part. And if that part is not done well, I keep running into problems (which is what is happening right now). So its going to be weekend at work!

Last week when it snowed pretty heavy there was this interesting episode. About 5 AM, I heard fireworks and as I looked out of the dew stained window, I could see bright lights. On looking closer, I realised one of the overhead cables on the street had snapped due to the ice+wind and there were huge sparks all over. My first concern, had this cable fallen on someone? Fortunately, it had not. 5 AM on a snowy morning, I really didnt expect to find anyone on the streets of a resiential area. Next, had the cable hit my car? Once again, negative! Last concern, was I awake or dreaming? Anyways, I thought the day has finally come when I get to dial 911 (yeah, have always wondered what happens when you dial 911). So I get to my phone and realize there is no signal. Interesting! So I dress up and go out on the street (hoping my cell would have better reception). Fortunately I saw a fire truck pull up just then.... and I lost my opportunity of dialling 911.

Whats new on the blogosphere? For starters, Google introducing the "nofollow" attribute. This would cut out spam comments and allow bloggers to link up a site without increasing its page rank. Why would I (or any blogger) want to do this? The logic behind it is simple. Suppose my blog is a highly read one with a high pagerank in Google. Anything I link to from my blog is considered highly relevant by Google and would increase that sites pagerank. So if I link to, this sites ranking goes up and when you search for it on Google, it shows up as the first few entries. But suppose I want to make my readers aware of a site which has some misinformation on credit cards, or is looting people off. If I link to this site, the site will shoot up in the page ranks and anyone searching for credit cards would have that site displayed in the first few. But if I put in a "nofollow" attribute, it tells Googles search spiders not to include this site for pagerank purposes when they crawl my blog. So I have made my readers aware of some important factor and at the same time not increased the sites page rank. MSN and YAHOO have agreed to this system introduced by Google! Google rocks, yet again!! More of this infor could be found by clicking here.

People have also been enjoying themselves over this map point bug. Its kinda hilarious. Can be found here.

Bakshi is back, Amey is a married man and I shift to a new apartment over this weekend. Finally I have a room for myself (oh well, I have a room for myself right now too, only, its the living room). A Hare Rama Hare Krishna devotee almost killed Bird. Apart from that, life has been routine.


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