Tuesday, November 15, 2005

36? 32? 28? License!

About April 2005.

They: "When do you think this would be up and running?"
X: "Earliest by December"
Me: "How about end October?"
X: "If its up by November, you get a trip to Florida"

October 2005.

X: "Impressive. Expect your Florida invite soon"
Me: *All smiles*

Invite I did get. To the next project initiation meeting. I dont get it. If you have to keep a formal meeting where you have to work, work and work some more.... why keep it in Orlando, Florida? Keep it in Nebraska. At least you are not feeling bad that you went all the way to Orlando and didnt see Mickey Mouse. You feel happy you came back alive from Nebraska. Keep all your corporate meetings in Nebraska. And go with your girlfriend to Miami. Its no rocket science.

So last weekend I was in Orlando (Lake Buena Vista to be precise) in the heart of disneyland. This is where we were put up, hop, skip and jump from disney downtown marketplace (pleasure island).

The weather was absolutely fantabulous. And we had to sit indoors amidst some 300 people!!!

I arrived and reached the auditorium for our dry run, hanging around with my boss and few other people when R walks up to me.

R: Apoorva, I have to do an introduction of all the company people. What should I put next to your name? Developer?
Me: Yeah, no problem (personally I am the kinda guy who wont care).
B: You should put senior Developer.
R: Ok, Sr. Developer. That works for you Apoorva?
Me: Yeah, no problem.
C: Hold on. Dont you head the validation team?
Me: Test Te....
B: But I thought he was into Data Management.
Me: Yeah... I wa...
D: Last time I introduced you to our clients as PM for XYZ study.
Me: Yeah, I know.

On the D-Day, as R walks through the introductory slide shows, it read
Apoorva - Sr. Developer/ Validation & Data Manager/ PM

I have never had a bigger identity crisis or more number of heads turn towards me with eyes which said, "Get a Life".

After the conference was done, my boss decided to call a review meeting (what better time to catch all the top brass at the same time). The good part about having the SVP in the meeting is, no matter how technical the meeting, beer and wine is free flowing. And after an hour, the discussion has shifted from statistics to Golf.

And with the SVP ready to foot the bill, some 10 of us headed to the most expensive restaurant around. During discussions, conversations drifted towards the age guessing game.

SVP, how old is he? *Everyone guesses* Answer = 50!!
My Boss, how old is he? *Everyone guesses* Answer = 44!!
Director of Oprations, how old is she? *Everyone guesses* Answer = 45!!

So it went on.....

Till they all looked at me.

"How old is Apoorva?"

R: I think 28.
A: Noooooo... at least 32.
B: I think 36.
A: Whats your age Apoorva? Tell me its 32! I have been guessing everyone correct till now.

By this time I had dug into my wallet and got my drivers license out.

"I know you guys aint gonna believe me if I tell y'all, so here, look for yourself"

A: "This says 2005"
Me: "Thats the year I got my license transferred to this state"
R: "OMG! 1979. He is just 26"

Silence all over.

R: "Apoorva, I am shocked"
Everyone: "We all are shocked"
Me: "Even I am shocked. Who said 36?"

Pic of group in Florida at "The Outback" (dont confuse with outback steakhouse)

Yesterday in a meeting, the discussion jumped to "What was ones age at his/her first date?"

J said, "Lets see, I went for my first date when I was 12. Thats back in 1976. Hey!!! Thats even before Apoorva was born."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, And to say you are a child prodigy will be a wrong thing!!!


November 15, 2005 10:59 AM  
Blogger iyer education said...

apoo: now you surely using this blog as a matrimonial... all the signs are pretty clear... first you mention about your cooking, then you mention about your spiritual thoghts (pals that is), then you mention your age... and slowly and steadily, you will mention your caste, height, baniyan size, chaddi size etc etc... hail heartcurrymatrimony.com

November 16, 2005 2:53 AM  
Anonymous Pixel8 said...

awww... u're the baby of the group :P

cooochie coo!

November 16, 2005 4:35 AM  
Blogger APOO said...

Amri: I can be deceptive.

Iyer: You always get the hint. Only wish you were a girl!

Pixel: Yeah... *Coos and sucks thumb*

November 16, 2005 9:10 PM  
Blogger Madame Mahima said...

*points a finger and laughs*

November 16, 2005 11:02 PM  

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