Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Doctors Doctor.

Jim is a doctor by profession and works with our company in clinical trials. A very senior person but always comes out joking about something or the other. He is the kind of person who is always smiling, and standing right next to you when you are in a tight spot with a witty comment on the tip of his tongue which will have you in splits. I had the opportunity of having lunch with him once - well, it was lunch for me. Jim was dieting. He just sat there listening to me complain that the data is not clean and giving some funny advice - "You are the programmer - Manipulate It!!"

Jim was all about how he is highly over-weight and the efforts he is putting into reducing. Skip a meal and the only meal you have should be a salad. He claimed one would see the difference in 2 weeks.

Today we had an employee meeting to discuss some results of our ongoing trials. Before such an event starts the lobby is always filled with Donuts and coffee. So I walked into the lobby and somehow resisted the fresh smell of coffee and donuts while everyone around me made a dash for it! Suddenly I saw our Director and in conversation with him was Jim. Jim with a huge double chocolate donut!

The following has been defined by my co-workers as a suicidal act, or more realistically - "An act which says - FIRE ME." I butted into the conversation between Jim and my Director, patted Jim on his back and said (a little louder than I normally am), "No Jim, you shouldn't." Jim had half the donut in his mouth. At the back of my mind I was wondering "What am I doing?" Jim looked at me a little puzzled. My Director wondered what the hell am I talking? And then Jim said, "Heck, you are right." and threw the donut into the trash. My director was in splits and asked who was the doctor here? By this time half the people had seen my bold act. Most of them kept the donuts back. Those who managed to finish the one they had taken did so with a lot of guilt.

Jim believes that his wife has hired me to spy on him! Ha! I need to hire someone to spy on me when I treat myself to fat rich food!

Oh, anyone want any donuts? There are many now in our office cafeteria!


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