Monday, March 28, 2005


To get any stationary at work we have to place orders through the person incharge (for those who might wonder as you read on: you dont pay for it, the company pays). Last week a mail went out on the listserv saying we better be stocked up for a while, no last minute running around. So I picked up the booklet which lists the items (and this is like a 1000 page booklet which covered everything from pencils to underwear) and picked what I needed, mostly limited to writing pads, binders & folders. Throw in a couple of sticky-note pads here n there (I am doing ok with underwear right now). Jotted down the item code and gave them to the person in charge.

The next day she gets back to me saying I need to fill up a standardized form and anything starting with item code 7510 needed government clearance (or something like that) and I couldn't order them. Oh ok... I redo the list (painfully).

Today i was told I could come and pick the stuff up. So I walk down to the supplies room and find this whole cart with boxes awaiting me. The stuff in it looks enough to last my entire department for a few years!

So here is the blunder. When you put the number one (1) in front of "Sticky Notes" 4"X6", you are ordering one box. One box has 10 sticky note pads. Every pad contains some 100 sticky notes. Brilliant!!! Right now my office is overflowing with card-board boxes packed with some 40 writing pads, 20 binders.... you name it!

When you place orders, I think one should have someone review them. Its common sense one person does not need 20 packets of sticky notes or 40 writing pads.

Anyways, I am having a yard sale this weekend if the weather holds. Sticky notes, writing pads, paper holder clips etc. going really cheap. Drop by if you are around!


Blogger Dilip said...

If you want 'stationary' then you dont have to send any requisitions. You just remain stationary!

March 29, 2005 12:45 AM  

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