Monday, April 25, 2005

Free Beer!

Free Beer!

But first you have to read through this post.

This weekend I was off to Wilmington, Delaware. Yeah, my home sweet home one year ago. I loved my place there. But driving on the weekend was a bad decision. Sometimes weather channels could be wrong. When they say thunderstorms early tonite, early equals 4 PM!! So I start off in sunny Maryland and head towards Wilmington. Usually (with the way I drive) I make it there just about in an hour! Just for some kicks, I wanted to check if I could get there in a quarter tank.

Anyways, I enter Delaware (the toll on I-95 from Baltimore to Wilmington sucks!!), and it starts pouring. Anycase, no one really seemed to slow down, so I just kept going with the flow. After about 5 mins I realised, I could hardly see through my front wind screen but my rear wind shield was completely dry. Just two thin streams on water flowing down it. The rest, completely dry. Very weird I thought. And then I started thinking about life (oh no, here we go again). How the future looks blur, but the past looks clear and simple. As my car moved ahead, what was initailly a blur turned into clarity once I looked into the rear-view. I really found this fascinating and after a while realised I was looking more into the rear-view than on the road ahead.

Soon this rain got real bad. Felt like someone was throwing buckets of water at my car. And then the traffic comes to a stand-still. Hmmmm... time to push your seat back, turn on the volume and watch other drivers get frustrated. All this... till you realise you are almost out of fuel. Who the heck told me to experiment on a quarter tank? So by now I am trying to recollect Triple A's phone number. Finally the traffic moved real slow, but moved enough to get me close to an exit where I could get some gas.

Conclusion: Dark/Bright future or/and dark/bright past. Doesnt matter. Always make sure you have enough gas to move ahead!

Ok, dumb conclusion, but I have to make you go through some agony if you are seriously interested in the free beer!

Saw this movie on the weekend. "The Interpreter". Nice! Very nice! Sean Penn's done a good job. And Nicole Kidman rocks as ever! Who said she was 40? She could carry off a 22 years old role with equal ease. Anyone reading this, go watch it.

Also today was supposed to me my quarterly review at work. I never knew we had one of these. Basically, a one-on-one with my Director. Interesting talk. For half an hour he heard me gripe on what I could do better and all other "how to do this better" strategy while he ate a ham sandwich, cookies and diet coke. When it was his turn to provide feedback he just asked Why I am being so critical of myself and the process around. He's Happy with my work, doesnt expect me to change anything from the way I am working presently and assigned me to four new projects! I have such a big mouth I could put my foot in it!

Anyone have a good answer for this? When your Director asks you to assess him, should you dare to provide critical feedback? What did I do? You'll know if I am on this job one month from now :-)

Ah, now the good news (no, still time to get to that free beer). Bakshi got into Microsoft. Just came to know today. So rock on! He also recommends I start a Microsoft interview counselling firm. Hmmm... there was a suggestion to start an agony uncle kinda thing before. Now Microsoft interviews counselling. I need to sit and analyze this situation someday.

Ah, now the free beer. Bakshi's promised to throw a party sometime soon and says he would provide free beer to anyone around. I'll keep you updated when that happens (what? you thought there was actually free beer at the end of this post??).


Blogger Anita Pillai said...

4 projects…that’s quite a handful!! So does that mean we won’t be frequently subjected to your loooong posts anymore??? :D

April 26, 2005 10:25 AM  
Blogger APOO said...

You mean stop boring you guys? No way! There is something known as delegating. Very soon it shall be implemented by me. ;-)

April 26, 2005 8:39 PM  

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