Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mental Inside

When it comes to work I am the silent kinds. I sit in a meeting patiently listening to a discussion or argument which leads to more heated words regarding some design or testing issue. When it finally gets out of hand I'll stand up and say "What XYZ meant was... " and carry on to give what probably might be the best explanation of that current issue. And XYZ will finally concur that what I said was exactly what he meant. Only he wished he would have said it the way I did.

Since I have been blowing my own trumpet up there, I'll also kick my butt down here.

The above trait of analyzing things clearly and thinking out of the box leaves me when I get out of the tech jungle. If a speeding car is headed my way I'll just stand there staring at it. Here is something even weird I ended up doing. Sometime during the Diwali of 2004, four of us, Abbs, Tak, Bird (or was it Beamer?) and myself headed for good old T-Top, got on top of the water tank and liberated the alcoholic in us. The exception was Tak who had come with a box of Diwali sweets. Its the first time I realised Barfii's and Old Monk go well together.

For those who dont know about it, the nick name (yes, everything in my building has a nick name - you thought Bird was actually Bird???) given to my building terrace is T-Top. And when we sit on the water tank on the terrace sometimes we call it Tanky Top.

Ok, so where was I? Yeah, Old Monk and Anjeer Barfii's. So time flies by and it was some 3 AM or so. Time to go home we thought. So we get down from Tanky top onto T-top and try to get out of T-top. Failed attempt. The security (Gurkha) had locked the doors assuming no one was on T-top. Hmmm... lesson learnt. Next time make noise all the time! Gurkhajee probably strolled by on the terrace while we were sitting up on the water tank. Didnt hear us and locked the terrace and left.

Brilliant way to start the new year. Locked on a terrace.

Now as we looked down we saw the Gurkha sleeping on one of the benches (I should mention here that the bench is a humble donation by Mr. Shah of the ground floor fame). Calling out to the Gurkha was out of question. That would wake up all of Nandanvan. Everyones mind was thinking big right now. First came out the Pepsi bottle caps. Throw them down and hope they hit the Gurkha. If nothing else they bounce near him and make some noise. No success. Seems our Gurkha is a sound sleeper. *sarcasm* Makes me feel that much more safer! *end sarcasm*. Next the Pepsi bottle (empty) found themselves hurled from the eighth floor. No success. Call Farro on his cell, hope he is not asleep but partying somewhere. No success.

So by this time I am in complete panic and almost willing to take off my shirt, rolling it into a ball and throwing it onto the watchman. If it lands anywhere close-by he'll at least wake up by the smell (yuck!). [Any beautiful gal reading this I was just kidding about the smell ok?]. And NO. I WOULD NEVER THROW THE OLD MONK BOTTLE!!

During all this time, Abbs (or was it Tak) is in silent mode. Thinking. Suddenly he walks to the other end of T-top. This one chap we know is in his final year engineering. He has to be up late studying (yes, I was the only engineer who slept through his exams). Tak looks for a light in the chaps window. Positive. Calls him on his cell. Positive. The guy responds. Goes gets the watchman and gets us out and saves my shirt.

Now thats what I call proper thinking. Thats how I think during meetings. What Party A is saying, what Party B is interpreting and what would be the optimal solution to get out of this mess. Tak (or was it Abbs) thought in the most logical fashion. Final year engineering = awake at 3 AM. Why didnt I think of this? Probably since I slept throughout my engineering I might have never thought of it.... but you get my point here!

I could point out another 20 such incidents. When I have to save someone else's butt, I do well. when I have to save my own... I suck! Hands down!

But then... Old Monk, Pepsi and Orange Juice. I could stay locked on T-Top for a few days!

Enough rants!

By the way, who is gonna be the new coach for the Indian cricket team?

I think I need a blogger vacation.

I forgot to mention. Farro called when I got home @ 4 AM. Said he was partying and saw my missed call. Love Farro.


Blogger IdeaSmith said...

Lol poor thing....perhaps u should run a counselling column for the troubled....ever notice these are people who dish out great advice but are invariably hopeless with their own problems? Not to worry...most of the world's population indentifies with your dilemma...the rest have reached Buddhahood...or are dead.

April 20, 2005 4:43 AM  
Blogger Anita Pillai said...

Worse is when you come out of a situation and then you figure out 10 different ways in which you could have said/done a particular thing to make yourself look "smarter"!

April 20, 2005 11:50 AM  
Blogger abhi said...

Yes, it was I and not Tak ...
Tak eventually did check Amit's (the engineering kid's) lights and called him .. so we cud call it a joint effort ...

April 21, 2005 3:07 AM  

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