Thursday, April 14, 2005

Doggy want an Apoorva?

Its time for some entertainment. So I got these 3 DVD's. Troy. The Incredibles. Oceans 12.

I just saw Troy (again). Geez man... Orlando Bloom. He challenges the warrior whose wife he stole and then gets beaten up, is almost looking death in its eyes and then runs to his brother for help in the most cowardly way. Those who have seen this movie know what I am talking about. It was a choice of pride or life. He chose life. Later in the movie, his brother chooses pride and loses his life. I wonder what I would do? On one side is Orlando. Lost his pride but saved his life. Probably lived happily ever after with Helen and raised a family. On the other side is his brother. Lost his life but kept his pride. But in losing his life, his newly born son and wife were left without him and he, without them.

What would you do?

I love to say I'll stand up for my pride. But I have experienced it. When faced with a life-threatening situation my first reaction is run for my life.

Lately, I have received complaints that this blog is getting too serious and its getting Bird too philosophical which made him leave a
potential blog entry as a comment. So heres something to loosen things up.

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love dogs. Anyone who knows me really well knows how much "DOGS LOVE ME". This is probably back in 9th grade or so. I was headed for my aunts place. Mom, Dad and myself. Mom and me got off the car while Dad went to look for parking. Excited me ran to the entrance of my aunts building. And stopped. Probably 10 meters from me was this huge black Doberman (named Bruno). We had eye contact for about 5 seconds, and trust me it was nothing like love at first sight. But I can read dog faces well and this one said he wants me!

I didnt even realise that Mom had walked up next to me. She whispered "Apoorva, dont move". Thats all the man-dog pair required. I take off. Bruno takes off even faster. I realise I aint fast enough so here is my last resort. Get behind my Mom! So we have crazy dog, crazy boy and sane Mom. And in all this crazy boy almost pushes sane Mom onto crazy dog.

But somehow Bruno doesnt like my Mom. He likes me. We have a situation now. Mom standing, with Bruno and myself running around her. She kept telling me to stop and I kept telling her to tell Bruno to stop. Fortunately (and unknowingly) we managed to create enough commotion to bring out Bruno's owner who ordered him to stop. Mr owner, if you happen to read this, I forgot to thank you then. I really needed the exercise. Had not run for weeks! If you ever want me to return the favour, I would be more than glad to run after Bruno!

OK! I know everyones smiling. Thats the whole idea of this blog. Abbs and Farro will have at least 5 more stories to point out to which underline my relationship with dogs. But heck, when attacked my a dog, I hid behind my Mom. Ok, I was in 9th grade. But still...

If I am attacked by a dog today, I'll probably still run. When faced by a threat your brain just stops working. You do what comes to your mind at that moment. Its reflex. When a window breaks while playing cricket Bakshi's first reflexes are to run. My initial reflexes are to walk up to the broken window and start an argument with the owner (like Bird would say - cite out penal codes). I can face a 10 foot hooligan or dive into a lake to rescue my room-mate (yeah, I did that once only to realize I helped him and then started drowning myself). But a Dog.... I need cover... or faster legs!

Altho, here is one feat I'll never match. Probably around 3rd grade or so. There used to be a dog whose area of control was near the cycle-walla next to Dadajee's (local ice cream parlour near my place in Mumbai). That dog bit Farro. Well, Farro went on to win Gladrags. But the dog died 2 days after it bit him. Go figure!!

My years of Karate taught me one thing. When you are alone and danger seems to be near you - RUN!! I bring this into practice when I see a dog.

I seriously love dogs tho'. I am gonna have one someday! Till then, lemme go watch Oceans 12. And any of you who have not yet seen "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" (even after me repeatedly pleading during my visit to India), go dance in front of Bruno!!


Blogger Anita Pillai said...

Gosh ur amusing...nice read!

April 14, 2005 10:17 AM  
Blogger IdeaSmith said...

Hmm u start off reeling off your film list, go into a soliloquy about pride vs life and all of a sudden on dogs. Paagal kutte ne kaat liya hai kya????

April 15, 2005 3:52 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

Anita: Thank you. :-)

Smithy: Well, it doesnt really take a mad dog-bite to bring out a post of that sort! Its natural. ;-)

April 15, 2005 6:33 PM  
Blogger DogMan said...

Fantastic blog! It's an excellent read! Don't listen to the critics, do whatever it is you want, cause it's working! A side note: I have a friend who's the toughest guy I know... he'd whoop any 5 guys into next week. He's just mean as hell, big, and intimidating. Show him a grasshopper though, and he's a whimpering little boy, screaming for his life, running for home. Funny how that works.

April 18, 2005 9:03 PM  
Blogger APOO said...


Thank you for the kind words. :-) My critics are none but my friends who help me get better with every post by simply not listening to them. :-)

Glad you enjoyed the read! And yes, I can identify with your friend.

April 18, 2005 10:45 PM  

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