Wednesday, April 13, 2005

When there is smoke, there could be a drill

So I am coding away to glory. The brain is churning out thoughts in the most orderly fashion. I can almost feel my code talk to me. And the fire alarm goes off. Damn!

At work when the alarm goes off (some jackass smoking in the restroom I am sure), its a very flashy affair. Reminds me of our good old Discos. Only, much brighter. Weird lights start flashing and loud screeching noises make you wanna get out of the building. Trust me, had it not been for those noises, I would have continued coding. Just like the disco dance floor, suddenly all people come together.

Everyone makes a beeline for the exit. Now I happen to be up on floor 3.

News Flash: In America there is no ground floor (unlike India). Its floor 1. So in America if you are on floor 2, in India you are on floor 1. You can imagine my confusion when I arrived in Uncle Sams land, got into an elevator and wanted to get to the ground floor. End Newsflash.

Anyways, back to the fire. Its surprising. As I walked to the door which lead to the stairs there was another gentleman in front of me (and many behind). When we got to the door this person in front of me opens it and holds it open for me to pass through. Heck! This building could potentially be burning and this man has time to show courtesy??!! I was hell impressed. So the good soul that I am, I told him it should be him first. Now I didnt know this chap was so stubborn. He says No, its got to be me. So we had a little "Pehle aap, Pehle aap (translate: You first, me first)" for a while till the people behind made us realize the building could be burning.

Fortunately its a sunny day and not so cold. So standing out in our
assembly spots was not difficult. Now I find Vipul standing there too. Eh? Wasnt he behind me when I took the stairs. He says he took the elevator. Ah... brilliant brain. Someones gotta tell him you dont take elevators when there is a fire! So I did the needful. Oh well, he actually did end up being the brilliant brain. He knew this was a semi-yearly drill. A mock show of what the real thing would do. So it was ok to take the elevator. No wonder the guy was being courteous at the door. He must have known too.

A drill!!! Just when I thought my code was talking to me! #@*^!!

I am going to send a suggestion on our internal mailing list. The next time they have a drill, to have it around 4:30 PM. I could just directly leave for home on my way out!


Blogger IdeaSmith said...

LOL LOL LOL.....and when you receive a reply, pleeeeeaaase post it on your blog...Human resources have a way of being funny, without intending to.

April 15, 2005 3:54 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

Smithy, company humour is very confidential!

April 15, 2005 6:11 PM  

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