Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool Ideas

Want some April Fool stories from the tech world?

Here is one from Microsoft's Channel 9

Neutrino demonstrated (new tool to help marketers work with developers)

Another one from MSN Search (and I think this one is extremely cool).

Check it out!

Be sure to check it out.

And, the mother of all April fool jokes - Google cant be far behind can they? They have been known to come out with the best April fool ideas since the last few years (remember the
Moon thing?)

This year, Google decided to stick to planet earth with
Google Gulp.

The beauty of this is the way they have indirectly made fun of those criticizing them for auto-link and other stuff (like sending out gmail invites). Note the similiarity in auto-link and Google Gulps auto-drink!

On a serious note, storage limit to gmail is upped to 2 GB. And rumours are they might come with a Google Messenger. The messenger will read what you are chatting about and show you users with similiar conversations etc. If you are chatting with your girlfriend, and type, "Where should we go for dinner tonite?" the messenger would give you local options/suggestions of restaurant in your areas etc. Only a rumour now, I dont believe it completely, so u guys should'nt believe me. Nevertheless, interesting and scary concept.

Anyone notice the gmail site, its counting upto 2000MB. :-) When I look at things like these it reminds me, come what may, its okay to have fun! Shows that Google is more than a company.


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