Monday, March 28, 2005

Gujju Capers

Well, a few months back I had accepted the fact that I look Gujju (read Donate some Soogar on Me). Today, I accept it again. At work, we have 4 Indians besides myself. My roomie, another lady who is from the south, third who is a Gujju gentleman (call him Vipul) in his 40's and a girl from Baroda!!

Today, another Indian looking person walked in with Vipul. As expected, they were talking in Gujarati. A new hire it seems. Must be touching 50. So I got introduced to Mr. Patel. Ah... genuine Gujju last name! Pure breed Gujju I said to myself!

So Mr.Patel started off in Gujarati with me from the word GO!! Fortunately I can understand Gujarati (anyone staying in Mumbai has to!!) and can speak enough Gujju to put my point across. I am also helped by the fact that some of my close family friends with whom I share a brother-sister type relationship happen to be Gujarati. Also my family history traces back to Gujarat (no wonder I look Gujju).

Anyhoo, Patel bhai was blowing all guns in Gujarati standing right in front of my office while I refused to give in and answered back in English. By this time everyone passing by was wondering what he is talking? Within 5 minutes of being introduced to him, I already had all inquisitive questions coming my way.

"Where are you from?" (Tamhe kyathee chho?)


I could see the disappointment on his face. He was expecting Ahmedabad I am sure!

"Your base in USA?" (USA maa base kya chey tamharo?)

I wondered if I looked like some military establishment or something... consultants are supposed to be nomads. But they have a base which is where their family lives, I suppose...

"I am kinda all over, yesterday it was California, today its here, in between that it was New Jersey, Delaware etc."

His reaction to the word New Jersey was as if I was his long lost brother. So Patel bhais eyes light up :

"New Jersey! I am from New Jersey. Where you in New Jersey?" (verbatim)

"Jersey City & Edison & Fort..."

"Ooooooh. I am from Union. I have car. Every weekend I go, you can come along. He he he!"

"Oh Union very nice, thats where Navratri happens in full flow"

Mr. Patel seemed all fired up by now.... the rest of the conversation is bizzare. I am trying to forget it. I need that flash light thingy from MIB (Men in Black) which can erase your memory over a given span of time. Agent J, hit me with that right NOW!!!

Heres to Khamand, Jalebi & Daal Dhoklii!!! (actually I love all 3 of them!)

While I am at it, check out Cheap Guju. And please, no offense!


Blogger IdeaSmith said...

Lol....heartfelt sympathies from a non-gujju in 'aapro Mumbai'

March 31, 2005 2:48 AM  

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