Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Brain Hurts!

I have been reading incident after incident and now its time to spit venom.

Warning: High emotions ahead.

First, a 14 year old girl
raped in Hyderabad. Then there are acid attacks and other rape cases. Then again, a rape in a hospital where the vicitms eyes are gouged out! BSF trooper shot dead a woman who resisted rape. A maid was raped in Lucknow. A police constable rapes a teen. And a quote in Saamna says "Women should stop wearing revealing clothes." Heck thats the ultimate crap I have ever heard! And it gets my blood boiling.

First, spare a moment and try to feel what these victims might be going through. Its really tough to feel even a small fraction of the pain/anger that they must have felt. Imagine yourself to be related to the victim, a 17 year old girl, who was all bubbly and cheerful about life. She could be your sister or your daughter. And suddenly, she feels like all her dreams are shattered. Now read on.

If the rapist is caught, I say dont sentence him for life. Lock him in a dungeon, get him naked in public everyday for a week. Have him pelted with stones. Let him be an object to vent your frustration on. After that let him suffer for a few days. And then sentence him to death. Something which will instill fear in the next person trying to commit a rape.

And frankly, I dont care what Human rights says. Where the hell were you guys when the rape happened?

Maybe my stance is too harsh and irrational. But sometimes you gotta kill fire with fire. What I said above is not possible. But these guys deserve the severest punishment possible. They should regret every moment they live, beg for death!

And to the guy who said "Women stop wearing revealing clothes" how about a "Men stop staring" instead? I know, its your right to stare (sight). And I think everyone has a right to choose. If women want to wear revealing (which is a very relative word) clothes, its their choice. By telling women that they must adhere to a male-dictated code of public appearance and behaviour, you are disenfranchising them by denying their constitutional right of freedom of choice. You think that poor maid who was raped and faced partial burns due to a cigarette lighter was dressed in a mini-skirt and revealing top? Whats next? Women stop looking beautiful, else you'll get raped?

Why dont you write a "Lets educate, lets kick some corrupt politicians, lets fight corruption?" How about catching these offenders? How about doing something about drunken movie stars driving over sleeping people? Any follow-up's on that incident in Delhi where an ex-army mans grandson drove his BMW over some people? Nanda family was it? How about coming up with a brilliant idea which would change the system? How the hell does this one person from Bihar with more hair growing out of his ears than on his head be in-charge of our railway system. And while thousands are killed in railway mishaps, politicians want a system which will verify that their personal helicopters are serviced regularly and checked for faults! Politics! Politics! Politics!

Give cops higher pay, better vehicles, state of the art devices. Let them be in such a position where you could never dare to bribe them. Reduce the salaries and benefits of politicians. Lets watch how many politicians stick to their posts. How many are passionate about the country and how many are doing it for the money!

Make processes faster. If I am caught for skipping a red light, I should be able to pay the fine off real quick. No long lines. I should be able to post a check to the address mentioned. Maybe pay off the penalty online. I remember once when my car got towed (in Mumbai) for apparently parking in the wrong spot (Janani, if you are reading this, I hope you remember my sad face then). While towing the car off, they scratched some paint off. When I pointed that out, the cop told me I could pay him 100 bucks instead of the 250 and buzz off. When I refused, his threat was I would have to wait in long lines to file a complaint, then claim insaurance, some court chakkar etc. If everything could be a phone call away, I would never feel threatened by what he said!

Look at the system in America. Cops have the best cars (heck, I would love to drive one of those). All laptop, GPS, the works! My cousins car got ticketed and wheel locked for parking without a permit in a particular zone. All we had to do was pay off a $75 fine and the lock was removed from his tyres in half an hour. The other no parking ticket could be paid off online. No scope for corruption or passing something under the table.

Its almost summer time (altho it doesnt really feel like it) and GAP is having trouble coping with the demand in summer clothing. And trust me, summer clothing here is probably more revealing than beachwear in India. As per the Saamna writers theory, rape cases in America should be much much much higher than those in India. I dont have statistics at hand, but I can assure you they are not. And the male of the species is pretty much similiar all over planet earth. So Mr. Writer, I dont think the issue lies so much in the clothing as it lies in the brain!

Somehow the people have got into the impression that they can do wrong and get away scott free. The system needs to change. What frustrates and hurts my brain is not knowing how to change it?


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