Thursday, May 19, 2005

A splinter in bread is worth two in my hand

Bread is pretty much a part of my daily diet (we tried making roti's at home but all that aata etc. is not worth it. And I cant roll rotis into a round shape - EVER!). As I munched away on a slice something poked me on the inner side of my mouth. Further investigation led to a wooden splinter in the slice of bread.

Now this is where standing up for your rights and all comes into play. All those verbal wars when we broke windows while playing cricket help. Without them I could never be good at citing out penal codes (as Bird would say) and stating with much confidence - "I'll sue you for mental harassment" - altho' most of Nandanvan (my apartment complex) is keen on sueing me for mental torture.

With companies providing their website URL on the bread packing its easy to shoot off an e-mail filled with words of anger, emotions and complaints. More than anything I was interested in checking out what happens. And Bingo! I get a reply the very next day. They will pay for any damages caused to my mouth. I should send them the bill. If I have not yet got things treated their insaurance will cover me all the way. Also a person from their local bakery will come and collect the bread.

The next day this chap turns up at my place with 4 breads in his hand. All complimentary. I politely refuse the breads but finally get tempted into grabbing one (heck, I should get one for the one I lost). A few days later I get these coupons in mail from the company, each redeemable for one item made by the company. So thats a few months of bread taken care of! Also is a check worth $5. Not bad!

Can I still sue this company stating everytime I eat bread I fear a wooden splinter might be hidden somewhere in it? I am traumatized at the thought of flour! Or should I wait till I have encashed the check?

I wonder how this would be taken care of in India? If you sue the company, it'll take 5 years to get through court, after which the judge will order the company to pay you 10 bucks for the bread which after the 5 year gap will be costing 30 bucks.


Blogger Anita Pillai said...

U should have asked them to sponsor a vacation that u “desperately” need to get over the “agony” of finding a splinter in ur bread!

May 19, 2005 10:02 AM  

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