Sunday, April 23, 2006


Why have I not been posting?
Well, it took me a lot of time, bargaining (and money) to finally get clearance to post what I have to, from Abhi

Anyways, heres hoping the wait was worth it.

Shopping for India - $1000
Cab to Newark Airport - $35
An Air India Ticket - $1350

"Beta, you are 26. You are not growing any younger. (long pause) And you are not married. Oh, and you are losing hair."
To hear your Mom say that as you come out of the airport - PRICELESS!

Frankly, I could sum up my India trip in three words. "Sleep and Eat". But that would actually beat my 55 words post. And how can I spare you guys the agony of reading it? So let me talk a little about the fun I managed to squeeze in between the sleep and eat.

What did I notice about Mumbai? The city seems to be building upon itself rather than expanding. I think this is how they develope the city. Two guys with a lot of money walk down a crowded street. One of them says, "Oh, lot of crowd. Good business. Lets build a mall in the middle of the road." Then the govt. says, "Oh mall, how nice. My wife can go shop there. But please dont build it in the middle of the road. Here, demolish so and so building and build a mall." And so, we have a mall and more traffic jams and a rather unplanned city. But, I love Mumbai.

My very first morning in Mumbai, and my very first religious experience, when my neighbours door opens and out walks Satya Sai baba.... or well, at least someone who resembles the same. The man started talking about getting spiritual right from the word go.... and when I realized that Spiritual equates to indulging in Spirits (alcohol), I knew its good old Abhi!

Image 2Image 2

Meeting Iyer

Now, meeting Iyer, was gonna be fun. I mean, from the blog he writes, the comments he makes, the songs he remixes, I was wondering if I would even get a chance to speak a word. So Abhi drags me into this room, which has a small little fella with a 3 week unshaven look, playing (of all the games) Serious Sam.

Me: Ah-ha, finally, Iyerospace.
He: Hey.
Me: Whats up man?!
He: Nothing. U?
Me: Uhhh... not much.

- silence -

Me: What u playing?
He: Serious Sam.

Me: (thinking) I communicate with this guy more through my blog and comments, than in person.

People, Iyer is not the funny guy he potrays himself to be.... he is fooling us all. No, on a serious note, we did hit it off (only he had to get drunk for it).

Meeting Ideasmith

She: You are neither as good as you look, nor as funny as you seem on your blog.
Me: OK. Where is your tattoo?
She: Can you show me how to use my phone's camera?
Me: OK. Can I click ya tattoo?
She: I am not a feminist.
Me: Can I pay for the coffee?
She: Sure.

And yes, Satya Sai Baba look-alike sure rocks when he gets drunk.

More to follow.... (just dont know when)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

muahaha ... that sure cracked me up ....

damn that hair added 20 pounds one wud think

April 23, 2006 3:19 AM  
Blogger IdeaSmith said...

Why you.......LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about quoting out of context! And I never said anything about your looks or your sense of humour!!! We did talk about the best way to kill mosquitoes and I don't see any mention of that!
*taking deep breath*
Apoo is obviously going senile and losing his memory at the ripe old age of 26.

April 23, 2006 6:18 AM  
Blogger Medha.. said...

Hahaha..Ideasmith, apoo is getting really old! So forgive the poor fellow.. Oh and btw babes, hes 27... And that means he's REALLY REALLY OLD! ;)

That pic of abhi is just the best! I meant the one in which he's hugging the pole. LOL.


Oh and btw,

April 23, 2006 7:02 AM  
Blogger Demi Goddezz said...


April 23, 2006 9:08 AM  
Blogger APOO said...

#Abhi: U took care of the hair... now take care of the tummy (where the real 20 pounds lie)

#Idea: U didnt... oh, sorry. Almost every girl I meet talks about the looks and humour part... I must have mixed things up.
And yeah... its 27 now :-(

#Medha: You are what... all of 21? And you forget typing your comment half way.... ? I maybe old, but at least I dont leave comments ending with "Oh, and btw" and forget to type the rest. I mean, now thats really OLD. Or mentally retarded?

#Demi: Do that all over the house and they wont have to mop it!

April 23, 2006 11:27 AM  
Blogger Medha.. said...

Hello!!! There is something wrong with blogger! i dont even know why how it came there!!

You idiot!!! grr...:@


April 23, 2006 11:29 AM  
Blogger APOO said...

#Medha: Naach naa jaane, aangan teda!

April 23, 2006 11:44 AM  
Blogger Madame Mahima said...

gosh i love abhi's lusturous flowing locks! please chop them off!!!!!
haw u told poor abhi to lose the 20 pounds?! hello what happened to u losing all that 'muscle weight' u gained on ure trip to india?:P
and ideasmithy..dont be fooled into thinking apoo wants a pic of the tattoo..he just likes taking pix of female body parts. TRUST ME.

and can u pls start updating more often..why is everyone on blogspot getting so lazy :S

April 23, 2006 11:59 AM  
Blogger APOO said...

Mahima said:
"he just likes taking pix of female body parts"

Apoo said:
Yup, Mahi knows the best!

April 23, 2006 12:11 PM  
Anonymous garfy said...


I have missed out on so much! Apoo turning older, so much of Apoo-thrashing goin on, Apoo getting snappier in retorts :) :P

Hail, all be well with the world!

PS: Hold up Abhi as reply to all of your mom's grievances! :) That should beget a fun post!

April 23, 2006 1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

medha: there're more pics as such ... taken deviously and never disclosed .. apoo's just being nice here not posting em all

mahi: lustrous or lustrous?

garfy: the holding me up part cracks me up dude...

apoo: hell yea .. this was supposed to be my bashing ..... dunno why it backfires ....
i dont understand this oldie thingie man? why's everybody afta ur ass? (no pun intended, even if u wish so)

April 23, 2006 4:41 PM  
Blogger iyer education said...

schizophrenia is what i fondly call it...

i also suffer from kleptomania... did you check all your belongings once you landed there... i must have stolen some of the stuff... on my way back :)

and the beard was for shabarimala... and SERIOUS SAM OBVIOUSLY ROCKS...

and abhi compared to sathya sai baba was fulltoo timepass... he also resembled the guy from boney m... yaad hai?

April 24, 2006 1:12 AM  
Blogger IdeaSmith said...

Iyer, introduce them to Psycho Srinvasan puh-leeze...

April 24, 2006 3:00 AM  
Blogger infected said...


:) How accurate ...

Both Abhi and Smithy. Exactly as expected.

Abhi, I'm going to give you a t-shirt with the pole huggy picture on it.


April 24, 2006 3:32 AM  
Blogger iyer education said...

idea: i think it was INDOMITABLE IYER... wasnt it?

in any case he has already been witness to SPB Live, the videos of which were circulated far and wide and i dont think i can overburden him with too many personalities... the dose just enough so that he can make his next visit here and then decide to leave this country/city for good :)

April 24, 2006 4:04 AM  
Blogger Menagerie said...

You went to India, again??

Or this is from last time's visit? What am I missin?

April 24, 2006 5:12 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Joshi: How many times did you go to India? You'r confusing me!!

April 25, 2006 9:19 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

#Garfy: Abhi and I are neighbours. My Mom will kill him!

#Abhi: Bashing? Why would I do a bashing post on you. Humour... this is all humour... part of my day-to-day activities.
But yeah, why everyone would be after my arse... right from D'Souza... thats something even I fail to understand.

#Iyer: I feel I am less on underwear. Care to explain?

#Idea: Who is Psycho Srinivasan?

#Alap: Wait up, I have netter picture of Abhi...

#Iyer: Would it shock you if I said I enjoyed the SPB part and would be coming back for more!

#Menagerie/AJ: Of course, I went again. Why do you think there was a 2 week gap in blogging?

April 26, 2006 12:59 AM  
Blogger iyer education said...

that explains the stink in my cupboard these days... next time keep your stuff washed and clean... so that even the klepto doesnt have to actually "rot in hell" for stealing... that is way too cruel man... not very good

SPB is just one... nowadays i feel like i am Whitney Houston... care to come?

April 26, 2006 1:12 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Abhi is hot. How many guys do you see do a pole dance? C'mon. Give the guy credit for saying balls to the world.

Is this the same Abhi who was in Baltimore a year ago? Next time he is here, I want to be witness to a pole dance at inner harbor.

April 26, 2006 1:23 AM  
Blogger Menagerie said...

Okay, I officially dislike you. Yes, I do..

So I think when we spoke the last time and you were up at an ungodly hour, it was because you were in India !!!

The injustice that prevails in this world :(

April 26, 2006 5:08 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

#Iyer: now wash em and send them over!

#Nic: he is not doing a pole dance. he is licking the pole. Not hot!
But making him do a pole dance at inner harbor sounds like a plan!

#menagerie: I was just kidding. Am very much in baltimore! :)

April 26, 2006 6:26 PM  

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