Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I think I put on the television almost after a week. All thanks to the American Idol finale! And it sure was a well made event. Of course Carrie had to win it. Small town girl, making it big is the perfect storyline for American Idol. I think Bo, the other finalist was cool. If you take an all-round view he might fit the idol role better but not today. Carrie seemed to do everything right. She deserves it. And she is kinda cute, so I wouldnt mind watching more of her on TV :-)

The best I might have gone in singing was winning the second prize in our building during Ganesh Utsav. This must be around 1992 or so. My over-enthu building used to have these various competitions during Ganesh Utsav. Basically it translates into all aunties come down to do gupshup, boys play night cricket, girls watch boys play cricket and complain we should play Antakshari, Uncles take a stroll, talk and smoke!

I still love Ganesh Utsav. Mainly because it launched my singing career. Of course, the second prize was because me being a favorite kid amongst most of the judges. Anyways, that did inspire me to take up singing professionally. I learnt the raag Malhaar. As a matter of fact this is my advice to most of you. Learn the raag Malhaar. It really helps when the shower runs out of water. Seriously. Either that or make sure
Pals is around.

Meantime you car freaks might wanna check
this out (Thanks Booga for pointing it out). Dont forget to check out the "Roof Option".

Anyone have any interesting plans for the long weekend?


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