Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Rafting We Shall Go

The weekend of 9th-10th July I went rafting with my Jamnabai chaddi Pals who I had mentioned about before. They called it white water rafting but it was just a level 1 and 2. Having done a level 4 previously this looked like childs play.

Lessons Learnt, Visuals Seen:

Friday nite I drove to Newport (which is as good as driving to NYC) to Ani's place. Ani's pad is one hell of a thing. He's got his bedroom all done up from IKEA, just like one of their model rooms. Enter his room and you feel like you are in a different world. Look outta the window and you get a view of downtown Manhattan. Like I told him, he pays 2K a month just for that view. And its bloody worth.

Finally I got to meet the newly married couple. Meghana, welcome to da gang. Hope we didnt scare the hell outta you!

When things get too easy, have booze:

Since its difficult for eight (nine, if you count me as two) to fit in one raft, Booga and myself grabbed a Kayak each. Considering the fact these were just level 2 rapids (personally I say you can just swim through level 2 rapids), to make things interesting some of us (yours truly included) consumed good quantities of liquor and carried a bottle of rum for the occasional gulp. Trust me, it feels like Level 5 rapids now!!

Feed all your kids "Dabur Chawanprash" (or however you spell it):

Booga is the only human who probably can work as a McKinsey consultant during the day and look like a caveman at night (ok, while rafting). I like the schedules he runs. San Francisco during the week, NYC during the weekends, when he runs marathons, goes mountain climbing, kayaking and knocks me in the head with an oar.

Caveman Booga and Tandon

Booga always carried a bottle of Chawanprakshhoweveryouspellit to school

Any place is good for lunch:

One of the beauties of rafting is you can just pull up on a huge rock and break for lunch (and drinks). Imagine you are on a 10m X 10m island, chilling away with a bottle of rum in ya hand and a juicy sandwich in the other. The downside of doing that is Tandon steals your kayak and now you are stuck on the raft (not that I didnt enjoy it - but Kayaking is more living on the edge kinda thing). This also brings me to conclude that when it comes to plotting something evil, even Mogambo cannot beat me.

It Takes Two to flip a Kayak:

I need to get my Kayak back from Tandon who refuses to let it go. So I give his girlfriend Kathy a brilliant idea that she should get into the Kayak with him - will make it look like a very cozy couple. The Kayak I know is not meant to withstand the load of two people. So mid-stream, Kathy transfers herself from the raft into the Kayak which causes Tandon to panic and the Kayak to turn over. The problem which we didnt foresee - Tandon does not know how to swim. And his life-vest begins to slip off.

Tandon struggling for his life

I finally pull Tandon into the raft (actually I tried to pull his life vest off but he managed to cling on to it)

Next, I dive out and get into the Kayak. Its the victory of evil over good! He he!

Ethiopian Food Rocks!

Yes, dinner was at an Ethiopian Restaurant in New Brunswick. The food rocks. And do you know what they serve as bread? DOSA! Yeah, you heard me right! DOSA!! And they have this traditional way of sitting across round baskets (each basket is shared by two) and they serve you food in a plate which kinda put in that basket (oh hell, this is difficult to explain). Just remember, when you enter an Ethiopian restaurant in a group, the person who sits opposite to you should be the one who eats the least!


Look Mom, the hair is back. My boss says I finally look civilized (a bit).

Do Not Laugh At Ajay Devgan:

Also, did anyone notice. After all the drowning and aquatic torture Tandon has been through his glares are still on. I wonder how they didnt come off? And we laugh when Ajay Devgan (or the regular Hindi Movie heroes) do all those stunts with an intact cap and RayBans.

The photos can be viewed at:

(will require a snapfish account)

and also at


All possible disclaimers you can think of apply. Should be over 18, should be insane yada yada yada to view these snaps.

Videos coming soon.


Blogger Dan said...

Sounds like a lot of fun :-)

July 26, 2005 6:31 AM  
Blogger APOO said...

It sure was a lot of fun Dan, it sure was!

July 27, 2005 12:18 AM  
Blogger IdeaSmith said...

Sounds like you had hajaar fun. I am curious about what it was that you were describing in those pics, however...

July 28, 2005 3:58 AM  

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