Monday, May 01, 2006

Joshienizer - Hermitized

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was no Television? No computers? No alcohol? No Internet? (not necessarily in that order). Something to the tune of being cut off from the world?

I think todays society is dependent on many things. Some necessary. Some, not so necessary. Its fine to indulge in both, but the ones which are 'not so necessary' take over a big chunk of your life and by the time you realize that, its too late. Like lately I realized I have become nothing more than a chair-potato (if something like that exists). I sit at work on a comfortable leather chair, and am brooding over a computer screen for 8 hours. I drive back home to find myself sitting on a leather chair, brooding over my laptop. I sleep, I wake up and the cycle continues.

The 8 hours at office is necessary. The other time, its an addiction. And now I feel I am getting dependent on the world wide web. If I want to know how much is 46373137/73, I wont attempt to do it mentally or use a calculator. I will goto Google and type the same. Not a bad thing to do, but its aggravated by the fact that I then surf random sites for hours and end up forgetting why I was there in the first place.

Be it software, or life. I hate dependencies. Specially the ones which are not a must. And I so realize I am getting dependent to the net. So starting tonite, I say bye-bye to the internet. Weird as it may sound, but my connection snaps off. And I pledge not to bite onto my neighbours wireless signal. Its going to be an experiment for a month. No Internet at home. And this in turn means, no blogging (many of you might be aware I dont blog at work - If you didnt, now you do). And why am I typing this all up? (I am sure Bird was dying to ask this question). Simply saving you the trouble of typing up
this link in your browser and being greeted by the same page everyday (I know you guys love me and check this blog some 17 times a day!).

Kallu was over for the day and I happened to mention to him about my plans of disconnecting with my daily dose of bandwidth. "You gave up television, then you gave up alcohol and now the net. You wanna become a hermit eh? One day you'll tell me I am giving up wearing clothes for one month!" Heh!

So dont be surprised not to see a post here for a while. Dont be surprised if you dont find me lurking around your blog. Dont be surprised if you cant comment on this post. And dont be surprised if I take up pen, paper and write you a snail mail. And just to prove I am not going crazy, I shall continue wearing clothes!