Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bloody Mary

Dad and me were standing on SV Road as Mom got some vegetables from the local vegetable seller. This kid, shabbily dressed, ruffled hair, street-worn out kinda look, definitely a teenager walks up to my dad.

Kid: Saab, joota polish karoo? (Sir, can I polish your shoes?)
Dad: (Shakes his head to a no)
Kid: Saab, karne do, bahut bhook laga hai (Sir, let me polish them, I am very hungry)

Dad looked around and saw the only conveniently accessible food spot was the vegetable seller.

Dad: Tamatar khayegaa? (Will you eat tomatoes?)
Kid: (Nodded a painful yes)

Dad picked up two tomatoes and gave them to the kid. My eyes followed him till they could, wondering if he would sell these tomatoes off for a beedi, or if he would eat them. When I saw him take a bite off the first tomato, I was glad, and sad.

Dad paid the seller two rupees for the tomatoes and we moved on. But my mind kept flashing back to the 180 bucks cranberry juice I had at a lounge I visited few days ago and the sad yes nodded by the kid for two tomatoes.

Definitely one needs to be thankful for what one has, and an incident like this would have surely made me feel thankful for all thats been given to me so far. But this time round it just made me feel that more than anything its people like us who can make a small difference and snowball it into a big one. Two tomatoes could feed one mouth. Could stop a crime, could hold back a tear.

When you are done partying on the first day of 2007, try not to throw away your left overs. You have no idea the number of mouths it could feed.

Everyone have a fun filled safe 2007.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chalo Bombay

Did I ever mention to you that I'll be flying out of Baltimore on 25th December for good ol' Bombay? Did I? If I did, I would like you to forget it. And remember this - I'll be flying out 10th Dec. Talk about sudden change of plans, which gives me more than a good month in Bombay.

However, before I land in Mumbai there are a few worries.

- I have to spend a good 13 hours in London between flights. And I am too lazy to drive down to NYC and get a UK Visa so I could get out and tour the city. Hence the the biggest question of my life is how do I entertain myself at the airport. No, I cant get drunk (dont ask, I have given up drinking alcohol). A good option is to walk up the entire airport repeatedly for 13 hours and get all the exercise my body has missed out on in the last 5 years. I will be carrying this book, "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" to keep me entertained.

- Altho I am not flying Air India this time, I am hoping I wont come across another
iJalpa. Oh well, if I do, it'll be entertainment for you guys.

- Since I am leaving in a rather unexpected manner, I have been burdened with this workload which almost makes me feel like postponing my trip. I however, shall survive (if my boss is reading this, it translates to I shall finish my assigned tasks).

Talking about entertainment, there are a few things which I am thinking on.

- Freak out the Brits! Brush my teeth at the airport restroom and splash toothpaste all over the mirror when some well mannered Britisher stands next to me.

- Sit cross legged on the floor, spread a cloth and lay out food on it. Eat with my bare hands (south Indian style, lick the rassam from my elbow to the wrist)

- Eat tons of onions and garlic and bug the guy next to me about the functionality of the iPod.

- Ask every person I come across if the Big Ben actually speaks Gujarati.

- Act like Borat. "Hello, my name is Apoorva. In my country we make the babies in airport. Is good in UK?"

Once in Mumbai, we should have a blogger meet! I already have a few people lined up on my radar. Anyone else who wants to swing by, lemme know. We could meet over coffee (send me an email if you are up for it and whether you will pay for my coffee - the later will the the decider).

See y'all in a weeks time!

PS: Bird, go into hiding!