Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tarzan.... the wonder bar?

This is a picture I have posted using this tool called Hello.... for the moment I found it kinda confusing.... maybe I should not have had a few drinks before I ventured into this upload project.... but it wont be like Google to make things complicated. Has to be simpler.
Anyways, this photo is of me trying some Tarzan antics (minus his outfit) in Bombay.... and hopefully Shah wont object in me making use of his creepers for a swing. Next time I do this, I promise a more tarzan type outfit!!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

And I miss you.... and I dont!

So I am back to where I was 3 months ago. For those interested, the flight was OK. I wasnt too impressed with Lufthansa tho. Bombay - Frankfurt sector, the air hostess looked like she was doing us a favor. Things were much better GER - USA. Frankfurt airport is also okay. Surprisingly, there are no water fountains for the thristy... you either buy a bottle of water or a mug of beer, which would be equally priced. Met this chap who was flying for work through Tata Infotech and he happened to know my family through some connections. So the poor chap was subjected to my boring talks for a while.

Back home and the leaf's have changed color. The bad news was my car batterey died off. The good news was Jugs replaced it. The bad news is I have to pay Jugs for it. The weather is much more harsh (read: COLD) and snow seems to be around the corner.

Anyways, to all those I met up with in India, I had a great time with ya all. And it goes without saying I am going to miss each and every one of you. And apart from the people, here is what I'll miss (or not miss) too:
  • T-Top. The weekends spent there gulping down a couple of drinks and heavy discussions on everything living and dead and non-existentent girls in Nandanvan. Utopia indeed.
  • Driving. This one I can do and can do without. I have to make a conscious effort not to honk and cut lanes here. And I miss the manual drive. There is no traffic here and if there is, its reasonably organised. But again, I miss Mumbai driving.
  • Heat. The only place I sweat now is on the treadmill. Altho I did hate it when I was in Mumbai, I miss the heat now.
  • Food. Nothing compares to you.
  • Nityanand - Coastal Treat. When will I taste the Chicken65 and Chicken Crispy again? Also, the mid-night buffets at Marine Plaza and driving about in Abbs Santro.
  • Happy. Sitting with Bird with a Mangola bottle and listening to his Morocco plantation plans at Happy.
  • Sunny. His never-say-die attitude when it comes to noise-making to wake me up in the morning (for those who dont know, Sunny is my pet parrot in India.)
  • Gaming. Network Gaming with Abbs and Tak. Specially F-1. Hopefully we can continue that from here too.

And of course, many other things I cant think of right now since I am hungry. More later...

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Look Who's Back...

And so I am back.... had a reasonably okay flight (no interesting air hostess this time) and its cold out here. I have just been sleeping since I got here but manage to wake up by 7 AM (Dad will be proud of me). Been throwing in the excuse that I feel weak and cuddle back into the bed but I guess its time to get over that and hit the gym... more when I am back.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Veer - Zaara. I made the mistake. You guys dont! Dont see it. Imagine if you ever made a movie, and as you go over every scene, which is not upto the mark, wouldn't you understand that this sucks? Somehow, our legendary film maker, Yash Chopra has lost that ability.

But all hope is not lost... watch out for the spoof which I plan to come out with soon... its titled Veer-Zorro. Its loosely based on a love story between 2 elephants, owned by Zorro, out of which one is stolen by Veerappan. Sorry, the movie has this effect... and an apology to those who I dragged along to watch the movie.

Happy Diwali

So after 3 years of missing it, I finally got to celebrate Diwali in good old Mumbai. We were on the terrace top at about 3 AM and the city was engulfed in a cloud of smoke (whcih just refused to rise). Pollution levels must be the worst in these few days. The whole charm of drawing Rangoli, lighting Diyas and making different shape "Kandeels" is gone... Noisy fire crackers... flashy disco lights etc. have taken over. Despite the smoke, despite the noise and the unbearable heat which Mumbai has been subjected to due to the pollution, Diwali still remains Diwali. Sweets are still exchanged... some of the verandahs of Nandanvan still have rangoli and some corner still hangs one of those nostalgic kandeels outside their window. Diwali was a blast.

Now here are a few reasons why Nandanvan is become sucky:
  • You cant play cricket anymore since the people on the ground floor have complained. Also heard that few other people complained so that their grandchildren get to ride tricycles without the fear of being hit by a cricket ball.
  • You cant burst crackers in the front area since few people complain that thier little kids get disturbed... (I would like to see if this same kid grows up and asks for crackers).
  • You cant burst crackers on the terrace because the people who live one floor below get disturbed. To quote the lady who complained, "You wont understand it till you experience it".

So here is what we did this Diwali:

  • Played cricket in Nandanvan. No complaints till now.
  • Burst crackers in the front. If families shouted out complaints, we couldn't hear them in the noise of the crackers.
  • Burst crackers on the terrace (courtesy Tak). Yes lady, we expereinced how you felt. Our situation was probably worse than yours since we stood a few meters from the phatakas. And to be very frank with you... rockets burst about 50 meters or so in the air, so it really should make no difference to you!!

Call us rebels! We dont care. But you cant stop cricket just because you are too old to play cricket and your grandsons are too young to play cricket!! Politics everywhere.

Ok, enough rants!

I hope all of you had a great Diwali. And here is wishing everyone a great time ahead!

Of course, we started our Naya Saal with a huge Dhamakaa... where 4 of us realised that we have been locked on the terrace by the watchman. And 2:30 AM is not the ideal time to call out to him. And it really wouldn't make a difference since he was sound asleep (and then people would have made a fuss that we shout from the terrace and they and their grandchildren cant sleep).

And of course... a few parties were thrown & attended... but no Brandy was Mixed with Kulfi... although we had a mixture of stewed Fig, Brandy & Vanilla ice-cream! Rocked! To top it off, it was flambeau (hope I spelt that right?).

Some kids were playing with fire and one of the rockets made it to my place.... I love Diwali!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Brandy & Kulfi

So its finally official that Bush would preside for the next 4 years. And he started his reign off with a bang saying on CNN which went as "May Yasser Arafat's soul rest in peace". Of course, you need to know that Arafat is not dead (as of 7th Nov). So apart from some bold political actions, its time for another 4 years of such statements.

The good news is that Mom had a check up done and the docs say everything ALMOST seems to be back to normal. Now, such news is definitely worth a celebration and Dilip Joshi did celebrate it in style with few close friends and family. An ideal warm up to Diwali. The highlight of the evening was the different types of liquors flowing... starting off with some wine, moving on to scotch and ending it with some brandy & kulfi, which was the interesting part. For those who are not aware about what a kulfi is... call it a rich creamy ice-cream stick. For further details, kindly look up google.

So someone comes up with this brilliant idea (was it me?) which goes like, "Have Kulfi with Brandy". All the gents were probably a little drunk and voted for the idea while the women opposed it. Nevertheless, my cousin sis Nandana was sweet enough to hold every kulfi and make holes into it with a toothpick and then pour the Liqueur in. I didnt really try it but people loved it... which has me convinced to start a "Brandy-Iced-Gola" joint in USA. Anyone upto financing this idea into reality? Anyways, that was the end of another beautiful day...

I said another since the night before was Abbs birthday bash... which like always was rocking. First we found ourselves in Bandra at this pub called Boat Club. Now I have no clue why it was called that... decent beats expensive drinks but everyone loved "Jack The Ripper" which is Jack Daniels mixed with Red Bull and other voodoo stuff. When the drinks got to us it seems I did a lousy imitation of how Rajesh Khanna would dance to "The way you make me feel". It was followed by food at Marine Plaza and Bird insisting that Nandanvan should get capsule lifts. The highlight of the evening was Abbs gift... a lipstick stained white XL size Jockey....

Neela Auntie and family are finally in Mumbai after a nightmare of a flight. More reasons why KLM-Northwest is avoidable. We were perpetually at the airport all of Friday night to Saturday morning trying to get their luggage and it kept coming in installments. One piece is still missing. Sucky!! I recommend the breakfast at JW tho' and also their disc - Enigma! Hope Mickeys reception in Delhi is rocking!!

Anyone who meets Bakshi on 9th, dont forget to wish him. He turns 24.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Know Your Contents

An example of why its important to be knowledgable in your field else you lose out on the most amazing opportunities. This was told to me by Nishchal who in turn heard it from his MBA professor (called Mr. Vispi).

"A priest was driving in his car when this cute looking girl asks him for a lift. The good man that he is, he doesnt say no. So the priest and the girl are in the car, driving away when a light breeze lifts the girls skirt by a little. The priest cant help but look and his hand starts moving closer to the skirt, when the girls says "SAM 2:34" (ok, I am not sure about this but its something to do with some words from the bible). The priest feels all guilty and continues to drive keeping his hands to himself. Another gust of wind and the skirt goes higher up. Now the priest is very tempted and moves his hands closer to the skirt. Once again the girl shouts, "SAM 2:34". After a while the skirt goes higher up (yes, its the wind again) and the priest can see a lot of things... he touches the girl near the exposed part of her thighs and she screams "SAM 2:34". The priest is all embarassed and just concentrates on his driving and drops her off. Then he speeds home and opens the bible to read SAM 2:34. Its states, "In life, move higher up to attain glory."

Bottom line, know your contents well... or miss out on opportunities.