Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Iyerospace On Joshienizer: When Size Doesnt Matter

I should have penned this at a much earlier date, but I refrained doing so due to safety concerns. Iyer was in Baltimore the long weekend of 27th May. OK, make that Baltimore, DC and NYC. And I thought I should wait till he leaves USA for good, such that there is no security threat to me after I hit publish.

For those of you who have never seen Iyer, above is a caricature of his, drawn by a street-side artist in NYC. And Iyer is funnier than this looks. On a side-note, it is strongly believed that the artist has fancied Iyer naked, with shoes, a bow-tie, handcuffs and a guitar covering the essentials.

Anyways, let me skip all the boring stuff and get to what you guys have been waiting for. The Iyeronics.

Walking in DC, near the White House, we come across a huge STOP sign at an entry gate. Under which is another sign - "Permit Holders Only."
Me: "Hmmm.... we cant go"
Iyer: "No re. See, its Stop: Permit holders only. We dont have a permit right? We can go"

.... and he walks through. And doesnt get arrested.

In NYC, walking on Wall St., Iyer comes across a few cops.

Iyer: "Hey hey hey. NYPD! Do you think I could ask them to take a photo with me?"
Me: "Yeah, sure"
Iyer: "I'll ask 'em to point a gun at my forehead. How cool will that be?"
Me: "Lets keep walking"

Day 1 at my place, Iyer takes out a battery charger which has no connector for the socket. "It didnt go into the USA system, so I cut it off and insert the wires straight in."

Day 2 at my place, 2 AM. I hear a "Bhoop" sound, and then there is darkness. The funny part is I was washing my face with soap at this moment, so when I closed my eyes, there was light, and when I opened them, there was none, which for a moment put me in panic "I have lost vision" state. Till Iyer said, "I screwed up".

Lesson learnt - Never allow Iyer to stick two random wires into an electrical socket. So we spent a night in darkness, romantic candle-light and stuff.

And for those of you who think size does matter.

It doesnt.

This little guy can blow up an entire apartments electricity.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

NYC Love

250 New Yorkers were bitten by rats
(And 1401 were bitten by humans)

This was photographed near Wall Street. I tell ya, all these finance guys!

And Seaport is always as interesting as ever.

I have always expressed my love for the city. Something or the other is always happening in NYC. Something which is not the norm for the tourists eye, however a Yankee would not even blink.

If I lived in NYC, I would prolly blog more often. If I lived in NYC, I would prolly never head to Times Square. If I lived in NYC, I would prolly sell my car. If I lived in NYC, I would prolly end up paying more tax than my salary. But I love this crazy city.

However, Baltimore is trying to catch up these days. For a change, there is always something or the other of interest when I head downtown. Like they have this new Trapeze school. Little kids, flipping themselves around. I considered enrolling, but my tummy got it the way. And they said the safety net wouldnt hold my weight.

And this ship pulled up in the harbor. Arrrh... Jack Sparrow could not be found ye mates! But there were plenty o' barrel o' rum!

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