Sunday, January 20, 2008

uPay, iSleep

Was dining with a friend (lets call her Miss X) over some yummilicious ethic food. Another couple was seated on the table next to us. They were almost done and the guy asked for the check. The server comes up with the check and this is the conversation which follows as the girl starts taking out her card/cash.

"I got it", says the guy.

"No! Let me pay my share" says the girl. "No, its ok". "It is not ok. I want to pay my share", says the girl again.

This to and fro continues for a while, till the girl seems to get mighty pissed. However it seems the guy has eventually won the battle and calls the server over.

"Its not happening", she says, "I know why you are doing this. I am not going to sleep with you."

The server seems to keep a mighty straight face as he picks up the check and walks away. And also walks away the girl. And the poor guy is left in a confused state of whether to wait for his credit card and sign off, or pursue her. He does the former and then runs out with a "Can you believe that" kinda look.

Miss X and I are trying to keep a straight face and control bursting out into loud laughter amidst all this. I ask the server for our check and once it arrives she takes out her wallet.

"Ok, if thats what you want", I say. "You pay and I'll let you sleep with me."

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