Friday, May 25, 2007

Foot-In-Mouth Moments

Team meetings. Indians, Chinese, Americans. Talk, talk, talk. Time for a break.

I turn to the Chinese Biostatistician sitting next to me. "So, do you know Kung-Fu?"

Team Lunch. Everyone is gulping Italian food. The conversation is about different countries and their culture. I turn to my Chinese friend. "So, do you know Kung-Fu?"

Then, sometime after this, I was with a friend of mine who was talking about how a Chinese friend of his came and asked him if elephants walk about on Indian roads, to which he asked if all of China knows Kung-Fu. And both smiled and went their respective ways.

"But, whats wrong with asking if he knows Kung-Fu?"
"Dude, its offensive. How would you feel if someone asked whether Indians roam around on flying carpets. Or if India is about cows and elephants?"

Ok, that explains why my year-end bonus was not what I expected it to be.

In a slightly off mood with a friend over not getting some stuff done right.

She: Ok, ok, lets forget it and get on with what we have at hand?
Me: No!
She: No?
Me: No! Coz everything you and I end up doing is not gonna last right for more than 2 minutes.
She: (grinning) 2 minutes eh cowboy?

My company had a lay-off sometime ago. Some of the people who got laid off, got a good 6 months of salary in severance, took 2 months of vacations and joined a sister company when they came back.

After hearing this, the great me goes public with the sentence, "I should have got laid!!"

Many more 'funny' moments coming up soon - coz Iyer will be in Baltimore over this weekend. Any ideas on how I should give him a warm welcome? Not turning up at the airport to receive him would be a good start, no?

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