Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Random Conversations & Observations

I walk into Old Navy and pick up a pair of pants I like. Walk into the fitting room and as the girl at the entrance opens the door for me, she says, "Let me know if I can be of any help"

- Sure, like you are gonna come in with me and help me put on the pants -
- Or did she think I was too fat to get into a 30? -

I am randomly walking around GAP and checking out this shirt which I have been checking out since 3 months (I am a loser, I wait till the $68 price gets slashed to $6). One of the staff approaches me (while I try to act like I am genuinely interested) and says, "Is there a size I can help you find"

"Nay! But there is a price you could help me find"

(Yeah, she gave me the loser look)

Now I never figured whats with the staff at Armani showrooms. Ok, I'll give them credit that they dress up funky, living to the latest trends, but they act like they were the Great Armani in person. Either half of them are looking at you and placing bets that you will never buy what you are browsing through or the other half just acts like you didnt exist. Armani makes great clothes (the good side), makes em expensive (the bad side - the scale is evenly balanced here), but the staff makes you feel like no one is supposed to wear these clothes (and the scale crashes heavily on the bad side).

Walking through a shoe store:
Me: I am looking for a size 11 in this one (in case any of you are wondering, I am not size 11)
She: Do you see it up there?
Me: No.
She: Then its not there.

I am sure she'll give sales a whole new dimension. Someday. In her next life.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and managed to grab some killer deals.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Unforgiven (My Version)

You did the wrong
To put Her mistake right

You made the loved one hate you
Such so She does not hate herself for loving you

You welcomed a lifetime of guilt
Such that Her conscience would remain pure

You closed that half-open door
Knowing only then would She open another one for sure...

[But aware this one wouldnt be for you...]

Thrust a dagger through your soul to put Her at peace,
Such peace that She believed you always lived your life

You fell in your own eyes
Just so that She could look herself in the mirror

You forgive Her for what was done
But in Her own eyes, you are the Unforgiven.

Note to Hetfield: Looking to add new talent to your band?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tear Me This

Birds latest entry has a part where he goes on about a childhood snap of his. And how it brought tears in his eyes. To quote him - "...its just that I was too reckless with my childhood than I should’ve been & too observant of my post teens. I should have been more observant & accepted my childhood than my adulthood, like taking childhood seriously & spend adulthood as a child..."

This made me dig out some old snaps which I had scanned on my trip to India. The fact that Bird would cry if I found some more kid snaps of his was motivation enough. Also Abhi posting some of his
kiddie snaps (and Hooters snaps!) was sentimental reason enough.

The first one that came up see-sawed me between the past and present. What we were, and what we have become. Never ever at that stage would I have thought this is where we would be.

From L-R (I'm using complete names in case one of them ever Googles himself)
Ashish Duggar, Amit Sthalekar, Ganesh V (sharing the same chair), Aditya Bakshi, Neelotpal Kundu, Moi, Dont know who, Priyadarshan Nadkarni (Bird), Siddharth Anbalahan and Kedar Bhide.

Random Note:
Who would believe Amit would end up being a DJ. Ganesh would end up in acting/modelling (read here) and that Kedar would fight the Kargil war. The rest of us in that snap are useless.

Same time, same place.

Random Note:
The idea of Brokeback Mountain started with Farro and Sthalu in the same chair. And Baywatch swimsuits were designed after looking at my shorts (Girls stop trying to zoom in).

L-R: Phani, Me and Siddharth Maskeri.
This is by far one of my favorite snaps.

Random Note:
The phrase 'thunder thighs' was coined after looking at my.... thighs!

The above is from a stage play.
The man on the left, with the stick and white/black hair is Me! The woman with the stick is Smita Rao. I think she played my wife. Miss Red Pants is Mekhala Samsi but the guy right in front, white shirt and blue jeans, flapping his hands to imitate the Backstreet Boys, is well, you guessed it - Bird!

And thats Mekhala Samsi (Mekhala, if you ever Google yourself - Big Hello to ya!) and Me, standing up on the apartment complex's electrical box. It had a huge sign which said - "DANGER - 240 V". Mom always told me not to go anywhere near it as a kid. This is proof that I did and when I head to India this December - I'll get smacked for it! Sorry Ma!

Good snaps! Good memories.

Inernet Cable Connection - $19.95/month
Coffee while typing this post - $3.15
To make Bird cry - Priceless!!

Start crying Bird, start crying!