Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Opposite Of Mirror Images

You are like the rage of a hurricane, I am like the calm before the storm.
You like things one can touch, I like things that touch one's heart.
You love the highways, I love the winding roads.
You smile only when you have to, I cry only when I have to.
You wonder if I could ever be the reason of your sadness. I find it hard just to see you sad.
You are red, I am yellow.
You are like a sunset and I am like a sunrise.
You like to shoot for the stars, I like to stare at the moon.
You are like the moon, beautiful and shining. I am like the earth, whom you light up when darkness falls.
You are like the ocean and I am like the sand.

You will have your high and low tides and I, like the sand, will relish soaking myself in your warmth during the highs and patiently wait by you during the lows.

You and I are different like soil and water. And yet we are the same. Coz no one knows if its the ocean which covers the sand or the sand which holds the ocean. But without one, the other cannot sustain.